Going Against the Professional Grain: 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Ditch the Traditional Office


As an entrepreneur, you’re probably a go-getter who’s always looking for the next new step in growing their business. Whether you’re a startup or an established business owner, finding ways to increase productivity is crucial. Going digital just might be the extra kick you need to break your ventures into the next profit tier. 

Tools you’ll need

Before you can do away with traditional workspaces, you’ll need virtual tools to replace the traditional ones. Here are the digital instruments you need to run a small company successfully:

Virtual office

One absolute must for running a remote business is a virtual office from service providers such as iPostal1. A virtual office connects you with a business address without the need to rent a physical office. The costs of a virtual business address are virtually non-existent when compared to a physical address and all the overhead costs running an office. Important mail, phone calls, and faxes are all forwarded to you without the overhead of a traditional office. Your employees and clients can also reach you regardless of location, broadening your reach.

Project management software

Project management software will help you plan and keep track of your and your employees’ tasks. The software makes it possible to collaborate within your team, adding more value to your e-business.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing creates a safe and smooth work environment for virtual work. Employees can gain access to essential work files without the need to access physical equipment. Cloud computing also cuts hardware expenses and leaves files less vulnerable to theft. 

Five reasons you should ditch the traditional office

Many of the digital tools speak for themselves, but here are five additional reasons why you should run your business without a physical office: 

You access great talent from different locations

Your physical location limits you when searching for exceptional employees. The talent you need may not be in your area and may not be willing to relocate. Remote work gives you unlimited access to talent across the globe. 

You save on overhead

Renting a physical space is expensive. The cost of furniture, interior decorations, office supplies, and utilities adds up quickly. You can spend less establishing a virtual office than you might on just one month of renting a physical location.

You save time 

Planning a formal boardroom meeting is usually a slow and complicated affair. Moving from one office or conference room to another is tedious, and it wastes time. You can channel the hours normally spent in transit or on the road into productive work. Remote work sets schedules without the need to travel, cutting down on time expenditure. 

Increase in business productivity 

Research shows that productivity is not deterred by shifting to remote work. Although virtual work means your employees may not do a full nine-to-five, they’ll still get the job done, possibly to a higher standard than before. Remote work means they get to create a comfortable workspace for themselves, and the same applies to you. When you don’t have to worry about driving into the office or leaving for a rushed lunch, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

It improves employee motivation

Working remotely helps to balance work and personal life. People put in more effort when they’re allowed to work in a comfortable environment . Increasing employee motivation is a valuable metric for growing your business and managing your employees’ needs.

Make the change

Sometimes it pays to go against the grain, and going digital is one way you can get in on the action. Ditching the traditional office may seem like a big change, but once you do, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. 

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