Get it Right with Employee Recruitment in Your Business

Research has shown that employees are the backbone in the financial performance of any business. Yes, the success of your business depends on their ability to realize the vision and the mission of your business. That is why you ought to find the right talent to join your business. That said, hiring right can be easier said than done!

It is a critical phase that proves to be consuming in terms of resources and time used in finding the right talent to blend into the company culture. The bottom line is that you should be careful when hiring as that will impact your business. Let’s give you some tips on how to get employee retail talent recruitment right in your business.

Finding & retaining the right talent in your team

Work out the skills, experience, and personality of your potential hire

When hiring, you should have in mind the long-term thinking that will help you grow your business. With that in mind, you need to put down the qualities of the ideal talent you are looking to hire. Note the experience that the new hire should have and their qualifications.

Besides, note the role that the new hire should fill. It is essential to ask yourself, for example, what problem should the new hire solve? Why does the role exist? Can it be filled in-house? What unique skills do I need to bring onboard? The answers to those questions will help you with defining the recruitment process and the ability tests to assess the right kind of talent you need to hire.

For the interest of finding someone who will fit into the company culture, note the kind of personality traits that you want the new hire to have. These notes will be necessary when interviewing the candidates and recruiting the right employee.

Write proper job descriptions

Once you know the type of person you need to hire, writing the job description becomes easy peasy. Remember, this is what potential candidates will read before applying for the position. So, you should provide information that will attract top talent to the role.

Some of the information you should include in the job description is the mission and vision of your organization, besides the purpose of your business. The aim is to get the candidate hooked on the fact that you seek to solve an essential problem by hiring.

Also, it is necessary to describe the role that you are hiring. You do so by explaining the purpose and the high-level results you need from the ideal candidate you are looking to hire.

Outsource an expert to hire on your behalf

It is good to acknowledge from the onset, the fact that you cannot play all the roles in your business organization. That is, you can be an ultimately good manager but when it comes to hiring, you may need an expert in the field to do it on your behalf.

Now, it is important to consider outsourcing human resource expertise from a qualified human resource pro who can find you proper fit talent. The hiring manager will take up the process, form advertising for the position to communicating with potential candidates, to answering the questions from potential candidates regarding the job. The hiring expert will eventually ensure to bring on board the ideal talent you need to join your team. This can prove a technical bit, but when done by the right person, it becomes successful.

Create a delightful onboarding process

Research has shown that most employees do not last more than three months after taking up new roles in the workplace. This high turnover has been associated with the poor manner in which the employee onboarding process is conducted to get employees integrated into the workplace.

Well, finding the right candidate can prove to be a rigorous task, but that is just one part of the hiring process. The other equally significant part is the employee onboarding that you ought to use to improve their experience. This begins during earlier hiring days and can last up to two years, or more. It involves welcoming employees to your business organization, and helping them blend into the culture at the workplace.

It is also an opportunity for you to provide the essential tools to the employees, and also discuss your expectations of them and their roles. During the onboarding process, you should discuss the salaries and other non-monetary perks that the employee will receive. This is because employees are attracted to a role by the rewards they get and also the opportunities to grow financially, emotionally, and career-wise.

For example, a mother would like to hear that the role will allow her to strike a balance between work and family. On the other hand, a millennial may look for a chance to work on a flexible schedule. If you prove to the employee that they are the best fit for the role during onboarding, you will lower the costly employee turnover, increase productivity within no time and also retain the talent.

Final word

In a nutshell, the recruitment process is a critical stage of building a profitable business. Remember, employees are a critical resource you need for other parts of business to function smoothly. So, work to improve your recruitment to attract and keep top talent in your team!

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.