Futures, Made of, Virtual Insanity: 10 Metaverse Jobs that Will Exist Within 10 Years


Suppose you’re drifting from job to job and can’t seem to find a role that feels like a good fit; fear not! You might just find that your calling is a career in the metaverse. Alas, as the age of the metaverse beckons, so too does a whole series of emerging professions that will take place virtually but will be vital nevertheless. Multiple sources claim that some of these jobs will exist by as early as 2030, so there are only eight years to go if you feel it could be for you.

Already, we are witnessing how real-world jobs are increasingly employing the use of virtual reality (VR) to train new employees. But this is only the start: as these innovative technologies continue to improve, there will be a need for various professionals working both behind the scenes and centre-stage within the metaverse to develop the virtual world in all the ways you can imagine.

What Jobs Will Exist in the Metaverse?

Metaverse Construct Architects

First on the list of metaverse jobs we can expect to see in the near future: architects. In order to recreate the metaverse in the real world, we will need architects to build objects, places and experiences.

Metaverse Estate Agents

With virtual real estate booming, this surely calls for a new generation of digital real estate agents in the metaverse, right? Otherwise, it’d just be buyer and seller with no intermediary to potentially mediate between the two. The virtual property market is only going to expand, so we’ll need professionals soon enough.

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Metaverse Event Directors

Many brands are already opting to use the metaverse as a space to host events for users and promote their goods and services. Events range from concerts to exhibitions to classes. This trend is set to continue growing in the metaverse, meaning we will require event directors who understand the specifics of this new way of putting on events.

Avatar Clothing Designers

In the metaverse, we exist as Avatars. So, if life is to be replicated in the virtual world, people won’t want to wear just anything. There will likely be a fashion-crazed subculture in the metaverse, meaning there will be a need for Avatar clothing designers to make sure our animated selves are looking their very best.

Metaverse Safety Manager

As with the internet, there will likely be some privacy and security threats looming in the metaverse. Who will protect us? Most likely, the metaverse safety managers, of which there will need to be several, all developing ways to protect our data and privacy. We predict that Safety Managers will be a hot job in the metaverse.

Metaverse Marketer

Ever been on a job search engine and been mauled by the deluge of Social Media Marketing jobs? We project that there will be just as many jobs advertised for Metaverse Marketers to work with ads in the Metaverse in the not-so-distant future.

As we mentioned earlier, brands such as Adidas are already jumping on the opportunity to advertise their products in the metaverse, and we can expect this to explode in the near future. The metaverse will imminently form part of brands’ multi-channel marketing strategy as another online platform. After all, every brand needs to advertise its product both online and offline to stay relevant and drive profit, and the virtual world provides another ambit in which to do this.

Still, precisely what a metaverse marketer will do as part of their job is yet to be discovered. We imagine that the metaverse will give way to a whole new facet of marketing, departing from social media marketing or building a website. Metaverse marketers will have to be seasoned digital marketers, boasting creativity and a solid understanding of this new digital ecosystem.

Metaverse Ad-Blockers

On the flip side of the above job? Metaverse ad-blockers will be in high demand to quash those pesky ads and help users feel that they’re not being manipulated by advertising at every turn.

Metaverse Lawyers 

Due to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) seeing a boom in popularity in 2022, metaverse laws have already been ushered in. Laws will need to be implemented to protect people’s digital assets, governing how to buy and sell them.

Not only that, but digital art is a huge commodity in the metaverse. As such, we will need copyright and trademark laws as well as tax laws on digital assets to uphold the rights of metaverse artists, companies and regular users alike. Lawyers in the virtual world will be called upon when users’ rights, assets, brands or intellectual property are in jeopardy. And who knows, perhaps you’ll even be able to take a module in Metaverse Law as part of your degree; or maybe it will someday be a university degree in its own right.

Metaverse Tour Guides

When a new user joins the metaverse, how else will they get familiarised with the virtual world if not via a virtual tour guide? The metaverse could be infinite, meaning there will be so much to explore and learn about. Metaverse tour guides could serve as a point of reference for asking questions about the virtual world; they will have the expert knowledge to help you navigate the metaverse and find what you are looking for.


And if the list of metaverse careers wasn’t already entirely ridiculous, there may be an entry for virtual world therapists. That’s right: the metaverse may even become a sphere wherein people can access the help they need but wouldn’t get in the real world. The virtual world could offer a more anonymous platform, affording users the opportunity to talk without being physically present or sitting in front of a webcam on Zoom.

Bottom Line

Careers in the metaverse will range from technical to creative, so you really won’t be uninspired by the options. Naturally, there will be a great need for tech-savvy individuals, but given that the metaverse is a digital recreation of our universe, other positions are sure to open up to reflect the real world if you aren’t the techy sort.

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