From Zero to Hero: Illinois Local Builds His Own Tech Marketing Empire

Malik Kurdi

Picture this: it’s early 2015, you just graduated fresh off of high school, and you are now in charge of steering the direction of your life how you want it. Most youngsters at this age opt for going the traditional route: applying for college, putting the hours in, and getting that diploma after four years. There are those who would say that completing your education is one of the foundations of adulthood, and is a milestone everyone should be privy to if resources and socioeconomic factors allow them to.

But that’s not the case for a certain Chicago-born individual.

Meet Malik Kurdi, who, safe to say deviated from the norm in terms of traditional career paths. When the then 24-year-old Tinley Park local graduated from Andrew High School, he instinctively knew that college wasn’t going to be for him. Kurdi reasons that his initial dreams were much more grounded in nature, as in being of service to the country through law enforcement.

“I tested to become a cop,” Kurdi explains. “I wanted to be a policeman in Chicago so bad, I applied 10 or 12 times. I got turned down every single time. I guess God had a better route for me.”

Following his graduation and the innate path of ‘finding himself’ while working for a riding service company, it is then Kurdi reveals he had an epiphany of some sort.

“My first two years, I had zero sales. I was driving Uber, then one day, I finally got a large sale, and said ‘OK, this is legit,'” Kurdi says.

It’s that premature foresight into what he wanted his life to look like that led him to enrol on a two-year software development program and completing it after the time period ended. He wanted to become his own boss and took great lengths to achieve it. When it came to trying to make something out of what he learned in life, Kurdi argued that “he was absolutely not a computer geek” and “never even liked tech”. But what he did believe in was himself, against all odds. He reasoned that his “vision and personality” was all he was going to need to make it in the world if he honed in on it.

“Being an entrepreneur you want to find a niche,” Kurdi says. “What’s going to be growing in the future? I know that technology is. So I got into it. I knew were going to need coders like crazy in the future. So I said ‘let me start an app development company.’ It’s exploding. It’s going through the roof.”

Kurdi emphasises that his strength relies heavily on being a people person.

“I know how to manage really well, and I know how to talk to people,” he explains. “I love talking. I’m a social guy and a likeable guy. People want to talk to me right away.”

He’s also said that the end game was never really about the money, contrary to what most people say of businessmen and entrepreneurs and the ‘suits’.

“That’s what it’s all about, memories,” he said. “Not the materialistic things.”

It was this singular moment of epiphany, where he took that grand leap of faith and gambled on his future by investing in himself, that led him to become the founder of an award-winning tech marketing company today.

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About Exemplary Marketing LLC Company

Founded in 2015, Exemplary Marketing is Malik Kurdi’s then passion project that grew into becoming one of the most credible tech marketing brands on the market. The company is a social media marketing agency that delivers not only worldwide outstanding marketing solution, but also outstanding Application Designs & Development services. They specialize in social media marketing, application design, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, chatbots and blockchain, to name a few.

The company has a wide variety of comprehensive solutions to cater to the various needs of businesses around the globe, no matter their proprietary marketing concerns. They have skilled technical experts that provide their knowledge on solutions security, reliability, and efficiency. They act as an all-around troubleshooting agent for just about every tech problem under the sun.

Since its foundation, Exemplary Marketing houses 75 employees and is juggling roughly 100 projects. There are also offices in the United Kingdom, Pakistan and India.

What they offer

Exemplary Marketing LLC provides world-class solutions aimed at business growth. Their staff work tirelessly to assure the execution of these innovative ideas are handled with care and precision to turn them into reality. They value work quality, scalability, and security, along with proactive management.

In terms of creating value for businesses, the company takes pride in their expansive team composed of only the best-skilled software developers, UX architects, designers and QA engineers. These highly talented people don’t fail to deliver thousands of creative and innovative solutions for your brand that’s not limited to social media strategies.

They are also fluent in the inner workings of just about every digital space there is. They have custom solutions in place to optimise performances on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Aside from the social channels, they also believe in the power of a  well-crafted website to really drive growth in the business.

Through their talented website development team, help entrepreneurs navigate this new yet increasingly vital area of business and save them time and effort by doing all the work, from day-to-day social media management to advertising campaigns and even all development processes of a website.


The road to success can look like many different things to many different people. It’s not always finishing that degree and standing on that podium while the audience applauses. That may be true for a majority of the world, but it doesn’t have to mean that’s the standard of success we should all aim towards.

Sometimes it’s taking yourself out of your comfort zone and believing in your own skills to get you through life that can be someone else’s measure of success. Who would have thought that a simple boy from a simple town in Cook County, who once bought thousands of yard lights and placed them near the red lights in Orland Park, would grow to become a successful businessman who would have his own billboard off the road of Interstate 294?

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