Four Best Slots from Top Trend


One of the well-known creators of video slot games is Top Trend Gaming (TTG). This article will briefly tell you about the brand and introduce its most popular slots.

History and priority features of TTG casino software

Gambling provider Top Trend, whose main office is located in the Philippines, began operating in 2010. Today online US casinos consider this provider as one of the leading ones on the market.

Now the company firmly holds the position of a leader in the Asian gaming market. Its specialists approach each new project comprehensively and creatively. They carefully, using innovative technologies of visualization and support of each finished product, work out the graphics, mechanism of operation and plot. The chips of slots from TTG are the verified functionality, colourful visualization and a system of interesting bonuses.

To date, the company’s collection offers over 170 variants of slots, including several series of machine games and a new line of desktop video slots.

Top studio developments: exciting plots and chances to win. Gambling professionals name four of Top Trend’s signature products as follows

Royal Golden Dragon

Slot, the plot of which is based on the motifs of ancient mythology. The characters of the game are wise mountain dragons. The versatile functionality of the apparatus allows the player to assign up to 1024 active lines and use the bonus wheel of fortune. Royal Golden Dragon is characterized by the following positive features:

  • structured playing field, including 3 rows with five reels in each;
  • 20 provided winning, forming prize combinations, lines;
  • the possibility of free testing the game with the help of demo-version;
  • average volatility and RTR at 94 levels.

This is a real opportunity to get various random wins, including multipliers and even a jackpot. 

Sushi Master

The player becomes a chef who prepares a sushi set. The chips of the slot include creative animation effects and stylish, unique design. 

The specifics of the Sushi Master slot are as follows:

  • the ability to play on different platforms, from a desktop computer to mobile devices, including smartphones;
  • 25 detailed elaborated by the developers of winning lines;
  • a variety of thematic symbols with colorful graphics, including sushi sets;
  • double payment is possible through combinations formed with the help of the “wild” symbol (it is soy sauce).

The reason for the popularity of the game is the generous bonuses: each of the winnings at the free spins slot program calculates, increasing its size twice.

Laser Cats

Slot roulette demonstrates the symbiosis of the theme of traveling in outer space and fluffy pet cats. It is a variant of the game that supports the mobile version and offers gamblers a not-uninteresting loyalty program.

We can highlight several priority features of the functionality of the slot machine Laser Cats, which brought it to the position of the trend:

  • free familiarization with the rules and characteristics of the slot;
  • simple, classic structure – the arsenal of the game includes only three reels and five combinations;
  • the appearance of a multiplier, multiplying the winning amount (fifteen times);
  • extension of free spins without the need to interrupt the bonus round.

The user can compete for the top payouts in this game.

Dia De Muertos

Gaming software with a non-trivial Day of the Dead theme. In the USA, Mexico and some other Latin American countries it is a national holiday. Applicants for a win get a lot of unforgettable impressions – this is the merit of beautiful animation and bonus program slots.

Slot machine Dia De Muertos has proven itself with several advantages:

  • attractive colorful design with a burgundy background and black ornaments, as well as smooth graphics;
  • a small number of reels and an optimal range of bets;
  • the simplicity of the rules – to set the rate and run spins can be selected for this one-time format or auto mode;
  • favorable offers in the form of a bonus round, doubling the prize, and coefficients. 

According to the latest data from analysts these slots from TTG have become the most popular.

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