Five Reasons Why Chartering a Private Jet Is Beneficial for Your Business

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Do you fly regularly for business but believe flying privately wouldn’t benefit your business, and isn’t worth the cost? You may be surprised. Chartering a private jet can make you and your business more efficient and productive, and save you time, stress, and yes: even money.

Maybe you have considered chartering, but you’re concerned it’s too complex. To put your mind at rest, first, let’s discuss how simple chartering a private jet can be.

Chartering a Private Jet: As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Getting a quote for private jet charter usually requires just filling out a brief online form—or, if you prefer, answering a few simple questions on the phone. So, once you know where you want to go, when, and with whom:

  1. Go to your broker’s online quote form and fill out your trip details.
  2. Receive your quote. 
  3. Accept the quote and confirm your booking.

Five Benefits of Flying Private for Business

Here are our five reasons why chartering a private jet for business can make sound economic sense!

1: Fit Flights Around Your Schedule – Not the Other Way Around

Flying privately means you can fly when it’s most convenient and efficient for you. No more unnecessary hotel stays while you wait for a meeting or return flight! Want to fly overnight, sleep on the plane, and arrive fresh for your morning meeting thousands of miles away? Chartering a private jet makes this possible, saving you time and the accommodation and dining costs of hotel stays.

2. A Far Wider Choice of Airports, Reducing Transfers

Flying privately doesn’t just mean flying when you want, but where you want. Private jets can fly to the airports you choose, not just the limited number used by airlines. Most of them can land in far smaller airports, too. This means leaving nearer to your starting point and landing closer to your destination, reducing the time and money spent on transfers.

3. Working and Meeting in the Air

When you fly privately, work doesn’t have to stop onboard (unless you want it to!). Wi-Fi, worktables and the latest tech means you can carry on working and join online meetings. You can work in privacy and comfort, allowing you to concentrate and keep business matters confidential. Some private jets offer conference areas, so you can save time by holding meetings with clients or colleagues in-flight. 

4. Efficiency and Comfort at the Airport

When you fly privately, there’s no need to arrive hours before your flight. Enjoy the private  lounges and other services provided by your fixed base operator. Forget long waits and queues to check-in, go through customs, or collect your luggage. Your time is precious, and better spent relaxing or doing business.

5. Bespoke Services

Transfers, security or concierge services, specialized catering? Whatever your needs, a good jet charter broker can arrange numerous additional amenities to make your trip go smoothly from start to finish.

Save Time, Save Money: Fly by Private Jet!

By reducing queuing and waiting times, long transfers, and the need for hotel rooms and dinners, flying privately can save you a great deal of time and money. So why not re-evaluate your travel habits and enjoy quiet, private, luxurious business flights?

The article was written by the editors of Paramount Business Jets, the brokerage company that offers private jet rental services.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.