Finetero Review – A Generous Stocks CFDs Offer?


Finetero Background

Finetero is an online trading brand that aims to provide multi-asset trading at your fingertips via an optimized trading offer crafted over the years. Operating since 2018, the company continues to experience exponential growth on the back of high-end trading specs.

Maintaining security, liquidity, and enabling a safe and efficient trading environment for all clients is one of the main goals, putting Finetero high on the global rankings.

Stocks in leading markets continue to benefit from massive inflows and thanks to the Finetero offer, traders can get involved with thousands of CFDs, taking advantage of both rising and falling markets. Are ultra-fast order execution, an industry-leading trade engine, and powerful security guaranteed when trading with Finetero? Let’s explore its offering and see whether this an optimal place to trade stocks.

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Finetero Stocks CFDs offer

Few would have thought that a global pandemic will ultimately be positive for global stocks. However, that is exactly what’s happening as retail and institutional entities see financial assets as a hedge against the diminishing purchasing power of fiat currencies.

Because Finetero offers CFDs on stocks, traders working with this brand can take advantage of the market volatility, in both bullish or bearish trends, with up to 1:10 leverage, and flexible spreads. Advocating for full transparency, Finetero offers all the relevant information on its website or via the dedicated customer support team available every day.

Alibaba, Bayer, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix, BMW, Coca-Cola, Ferrari, and other brands can be traded at Finetero, given the diversity of the asset coverage.

Finetero stocks CFDs

Trade stocks CFDs with professional software

A complex asset list is not enough to ensure optimal trading conditions and the trading platform plays a key role in whether traders can benefit from liquidity or accurate pricing. Finetero works with multiple liquidity providers and offers support for the popular MetaTrader 4, a platform with 15+ years of reputation.

Retail CFD traders continue to view MT4 as a viable trading solution even for stocks, considering the advanced charting, support for EAs, price alerts, and other customization features. Downloadable for desktop, smartphone, or tablet, this platform can be used on any type of device.

Additionally, Finetero offers a WebTrader as the second platform of choice, to ensure broader diversity. Same as MT4, this is another reliable platform worth considering, thanks to its simple user interface, flexibility, and the wide array of tools built into it.

Main Trading Benefits

An online education center, variable spreads starting at 0.1 pips, 50% stop out levels, and many different features associated with the 5 trading account types currently available, are some of the main benefits for those deciding to trade stocks CFDs with Finetero.

The brand is constantly focused on providing added value via trading tools and features with proven efficiency. Trading Central resources, access to event room, or private trading sessions, are also part of the offer and can serve as a guide for retail traders looking to expand their market knowledge.

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Pros and Cons

  • Competitive trading conditions for stocks CFDs
  • Popular and reliable trading software
  • Online chat support for all customers


  • Few advanced educational resources
  • Customer support available in English

Finetero Conclusion

Favored by the increased interest in stock trading, Finetero is a brand providing a very interesting offer for retail traders in various countries around the world. Its commitment to ensuring optimal conditions is one of the many reasons why this is a reliable trading brand. Further support is granted via multiple resources, with the main goal of teaching traders how to make rules-based trading decisions and get involved in the markets professionally.

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