Finding the Best Strain for You


One of the beauties of marijuana use is that stoners get variety. Plant producers have begun experimenting with various strains like any other product to come up with the best. A review of the top weed strains by AskGrowers will reveal several variants of different smells and potency. When shopping for some cannabis at a dispensary, it is common for stoners to be overwhelmed by the choices. 

How to go about selecting the best? The starting point of finding a strain that suits you is your preference. Besides the information regarding the composition of the plant, you should also think about what you want. 

What Makes Marijuana Different? 

There is no single strain that is like the other. Though this is a reason for most people to anticipate marijuana use, it can confuse first-timers. The very question of which weed to take home can cause one to be confused. So, what makes these strains so different from one another? 

In considering the differences between cannabis, there are three significant aspects to consider. The first is the breed of your product. There are three main breeds of weed; sativa, Indica, and hybrid. Sativa and Indica are pure breeds, while hybrids are combinations of sativa and Indica or either. 

The differences between the breeds lie in their composition, which leads to the second aspect. The THC and CBD availability in each marijuana plant differs. For instance, sativa is well known to have higher THC levels than Indicas which contain higher CBD. It is possible to find an Indica strain with high THC. The most important thing is to know how much THC and CBD are in a plant before buying your weed. 

The last thing that you may need to look at is the terpenes. If you are keen on the cannabis variants in the market, you will have spotted strains with cookies, pineapples, lemon, and such in their names. What these names imply are the contributing terpenes. Terpenes are the chemical compounds responsible for smell. Hybrids have been developed to take on various terpenes.

It is essential to consider the terpenes because they contribute different effects on the user. Some induce a calming effect, while others stimulate a head high. Also, if you find lemons pungent, you may want to avoid strains with lemon smells in them. Overall, with these three things, you will be better positioned to pick out a variant you enjoy. 

Why Dispensary Weed is Better than Street Weed

While discussing strains, it may be crucial to discuss why dispensary cannabis is better than the street variety. The apparent reason is that dispensaries have variety. When buying from street vendors, it is common for them to have a limited amount of strains. Since their trade is illegal, most of them only have one variant at a time. 

Other than the variety of options, there is also the safety issue. Unlike dispensaries, street vendors are free to sell whatever they have without the regulations by the law. This translates to laced marijuana and other illegal activities. Dispensary weed is safer because it has to operate within the state’s laws. Their products are tested, and each of their processes is examined. 

Regardless of the relatively higher price of dispensary cannabis, it is the safest use. Stoners get variety, as well as a product that has been certified. Also, you can get additional help from the receptionist as they are well trained in dealing with different weed issues. 

Best Strains for Recreational Use

With more and more states joining the pro-cannabis bandwagon, users are looking for the strains that will give them an excellent high. Recreational, or as commonly dubbed, adult use, is increasing, and so is the demand for potent variants. Here are a few of the best recreational ones on the market;

Green Crack

This potent sativa has been in circulation for decades. Over time it has been improved to offer an energizing high. It combines pinene, myrcene, and caryophyllene to produce an earthy citrus flavor. It is an ideal strain for the middle of the day when one is looking for some energy. 

OG Kush

OG Kush is among the top used marijuana strains alongside others from the Kush family. It is well known for its cerebral high that doesn’t leave one sleepy. Its effect is often described as euphoric. When it comes to the smell, it has an earthy grassy aroma that is the result of the limonene terpenes. 

Best Strains for Medicinal Use

Besides its recreational properties, cannabis is also well known for its therapeutic properties. To induce medicinal value, some strains contain the suitable composition for the same. If a user wants the medicinal benefits without getting too stoned, these are the strains for them.

Sour Diesel

Though this is a sativa dominant strain, it contains enough CBD to offer its users medicinal value. It is excellent at doing away with anxiety and stress. In general, it induces a relaxing healing mood that simultaneously does away with body aches. 

Grandaddy Purple

This indica dominant strain is well known for its sedative effects. Though it starts with a head high, users report feeling sleepy within a few hours of using it. Besides sleep, it also induces anti-inflammatory properties in the user achieving higher levels of relaxation.


With all the weed strains currently available, there is something for everyone. When picking what tickles your fancy, you must consider what you need. Do you want medicinal or recreational effects? Do you want an energizing strain or a sleep-inducing one? All these and more will inform your choice of marijuana variants. All you have to do is have some basic information ready, and you will be good to go. 

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