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The meeting with the Mexican brides is always very bright. In this article, we will provide you with all instruments, the best dating sites, and instructions on how to find your ideal Mexican girl for marriage. 

Best Sites To Find Mexican Brides & Main Features 

  • La-Date: the dating platform for meeting brides for all the world with a great mobile version
  • ColombiaLady: the site for meeting a charming Latinos lady that has been helping singles since 2008 
  • LoveFort: an international dating site for meeting a love with affordable prices
  • LatinWomanLove: and website for meeting a match from Latin America with many interaction features
  • LatinBeautyDate: the place to meet your destiny from Latin America with easy registration



The La-Date site is targeted at men who want to find the perfect woman despite living on different continents. 

The registration on this website is free, yet the access to advanced features is paid, and you also should pay for communication with ladies. But you can get 20 credits for free to understand if this site suits you. The list of most exciting features of La-Date includes gift delivery, a great mobile version, and Newsfeed—a feed that features fresh blogposts of ladies on the site.

👍 Best for: dating, flirting, long-distance relationships

💻 Website:

ℹ️ More information: La-Date review


ColombiaLady has existed and helped men find the right Latin woman since 2008. The site has a friendly interface offering many impressive Mexican brides for American men. You can see the girls’ interests with text and icons, and when you browse the girls in the directory, you immediately know their age and height. Access to the site is free, but you should pay for sending messages. The site makes it possible to chat, make audio and video calls. 

👍 Best for: dating, chatting, long-distance relationships

💻 Website:

ℹ️ More information: ColombiaLady review


On LoveFort, you can communicate with women with chat and long letters. The site has many advantages: affordable prices, a large catalog of beautiful Mexican women, and customer support. There are also some disappointments: no mobile version and no video message function; although you can access the site via browser and watch profile videos, if there are any in the profile of a woman you like. Payment for additional functions on the site is carried out using credits. For instance, 50 credits cost $19.99, but 750 credits cost $149.99.

👍 Best for: dating, chatting, flirting

💻 Website:


LatinWomanLove aims to ensure that you meet your flamboyant woman among ladies in Latin countries. You can read success stories that look like real ones on the site. The site offers many services for knowing Mexican girls: text chat, video chat, telephone chat, communication by mail, virtual gifts. Few dating sites offer such a wide range of features. Payment for services is carried out using credits, the site proposes seasonal discounts for various services. Another advantage of LatinWomanLove is the convenience of searching Mexican brides and many filters.

👍 Best for: dating, chatting, companionship

💻 Website:

ℹ️ More information: LatinWomanLove review


Approximately 70% of visitors of LatinBeautyDate are women, many Mexican mail order brides, which you can see after free registration. The registration process is easy and enjoyable: the questionnaire does not contain many questions. Among the advantages are a large selection of Latin American countries and no monthly subscription. Payment for the services of the site is carried out using credits. For example, two credits cost $3.99 for the first payment; for all the consecutive payments, you will pay $15.99 for 2 credits. Besides chat, the site offers many services: calling, video chat, and sending a virtual or real gift. One more advantage of the site is the mandatory verification of users.

👍 Best for: dating, flirting, long-distance romance

💻 Website:

Price for meeting and wedding with a Mexican mail order bride

Of course, you can’t buy a Mexican bride because buying a bride is illegal, and it will not make you happy. In this section of the article, we’ll tell you how to meet a Mexican woman for marriage and the pros and cons of each option.

Dating in Mexico

The advantage of this option is that you don’t have to wait. You can go to the country to meet your future Mexican wife immediately. You can arrange a casting with Mexican brides and choose the one that suits you both in “chemistry” and other parameters.

chemistry and other parameters

The disadvantage of this option is that you are unlikely to travel to Mexico for several months; if you go for a week or two, this time will not be enough to develop acquaintance with one or more Mexican brides.

Online dating with Mexican mail order brides on specialized sites

In this case, you can get to know your future wife well. You have no time limit to find your mail order bride from Mexico. You can communicate with Mexican women on dating sites like La-Date or ColombiaLady for a month, six months, a year; you can even interact with several Mexican brides at the same time at a convenient time. At the same time, the cost of services is available for all. The downside is that you have to wait for the appointment for weeks or months. It may also be that chemistry on the video will not be confirmed in life, but this is a rare case.

In any case, to meet your mail order Mexican bride, you will need to travel to the country at least once.

country at least once

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Online dating has become so firmly established in our life that it makes no sense to give up its advantages. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you what the cost of a Mexican bride is if you are dating online.

Often, sites with mail order brides from Mexico like LoveFort use a credit system (not a subscription). To talk to 5 girls, you will have to pay $2-$3. There are a lot of beautiful girls on such sites and, suppose, to understand which one Mexican woman is closest to you in spirit, you need to talk to 30-50 girls. It means that you will need to pay $100-$150 for the site’s services, as well as additional services if you deem necessary.

After you have chosen Mexican brides, you need to go to Mexico for a personal acquaintance to understand that you are not starting this game in vain.

Right now, we’ll calculate how much money you need for a two-week trip to Mexico.

Cost of the trip

  • ✈️ Round-trip ticket prices for one—$300 (average ticket price from Washington to Mexico City). A little tip: tickets can be viewed on Skyscanner or a similar site. 
  • 🛎️ The average cost of living for 14 days for one—$400.
  • 🥂 The average cost of food for 14 days for two— $1,410, including three restaurant visits per day.
  • 🚖 The average cost of transport for 14 days for one—$12.41 (monthly pass).
  • 🎡 The average cost of entertainment for 14 days for two—$500.

We can summarize how much you can “pay” for a Mexican wife. The total sum is $2,770. 

The total sum is $2,770

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We gave the example of Mexico City because it is the capital, and you can quickly get there to meet your Mexican woman. You can also view, compare, and choose an acceptable city for costs on the Numbeo. This site will help you see relevant spending on food, restaurants, sport, groceries. 

Note that Mexican brides are among the most expensive of all Latin brides. Brazilian brides and Venezuelan brides are more affordable.

How to get married to a Mexican woman

There are several types of Mexican bride immigration visas.

K1 bride visa

It is an option for those looking to get married in the United States. If you receive a visa, you and the Mexican bride will have 90 days to marry.

The K-1 visa process consists of filing a petition with USCIS, an interview, paying taxes, and a medical exam. The term for obtaining a visa is on average 5-10 months. After the wedding, a Mexican wife can apply for conditional permanent residence in the United States.

Cost of K 1 visa— $2,325

CR-1 and IR-1 visas

These are options for marrying a Mexican bride outside of the United States. Mexican wives, whose marriage period is from 0 to 2 years, can apply for a CR-1 visa. IR-1 visa is for those who have been married for more than 2 years. The application mechanism for both visas is the same. It needs to submit an application to USCIS and wait for approval by the national visa center.

Cost of the CR-1/IR-1 visa— $2,205

The term for obtaining a wife’s visa is 10-16 months.

Statistics on marriages with Mexicans

In 2020, Mexican brides received 1,005 K-1 visas. By comparison, only 148 K-1 visas were issued to French women in 2020. Mexican women are more open to foreigners, in particular to Americans. Girls from Mexico most often get married early; family is one of the central values. An interesting fact: Mexican women later marry their compatriots than Americans. The average age difference in Mexican-American marriage is 5 years.

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How to find a Mexican wife: offline or online

As we wrote above, you can go to Mexico to find Mexican girls right there. In this situation, it is better to use a special marriage tour. Choosing this path, a foreign man receives the support of a marriage agency, “brides parties”, where many Mexican women interested in marriage will be present.

The second way is looking for Mexican girls on dating sites such as La-Date or LatinWomanLove. We will give you a short guide to searching for Mexican brides pleasant, fast and efficient.

How to choose the site with Mexican mail order brides

Above, we have provided a list of the best sites where you can find Mexican brides for all tastes. We will also give some more tips for choosing a location:

  1. Convenience. See how much you like the place. Are you ready to spend a lot of time on this platform?
  2. The number of communication tools. Set the priorities and ask yourself what tools you’d like to use to approach Mexican mail order brides online. Do you need a video chat or text chat is enough? Would you like to make phone calls? Make the choice based on your goals and expectations.
  3. Quality of profiles. Why use the site with many low-effort accounts, let alone obviously fake pages of Mexican brides? Sign up (it’s free) and ensure this is a place where you can meet Mexican women you’d like to date.
  4. Evaluate how open the girls are to acquaintances on the site. If you are lucky with Mexican girls on a particular site, this is the right site.
  5. Security. If you’re going to join a site with Mexican girls for marriage, you need to be 100% sure this is a safe place to store your data.
  6. The ability to send a gift to Mexican brides. Virtual gifts cost little, but they give you an advantage over other candidates.

advantage over other candidates.

How to fill out a profile on a site with Mexican girls

Your profile on dating sites is your ad space. Photos and text will help you attract suitable brides from Mexico and strike up successful dating.

  1. Add some photos. Your photographs must show your face, figure, and height. Add fresh images for the last 1-2 years. Not all Mexican mail order brides like these little tricks. The location also matters. Travel photos always look great. Another good option is to show your hobby or lifestyle with pictures. So you will have the opportunity to show your personality in one second.
  2. Fill in the profile as detailed as possible. No, don’t write long sheets of text. But indicate your interests, profession, and other parameters provided by the site’s functionality. It will save you and the Mexican bride some time to find out the details.
  3. Don’t write a trivial description. Of course, you can indicate that you love to travel and sports, but such a description is unlikely to be remembered. But if you show how you differ from hundreds of other profiles through humor or other unusual hobbies, it will be easier for Mexican brides to keep up a conversation with you.
  4. Be honest and sincere. A very rare Mexican bride will appreciate a lie. In addition, you need to understand that when it comes to getting married, you will need to give a lot of details about yourself at the stage of getting a visa. If you are embarrassed to say some things, just put them aside until closer communication with the Mexican bride.

Generally speaking, you need to provide a Mexican mail bride with all the information she may need to learn enough about you and decide to contact or not to contact you. Refusal in this case isn’t necessarily a bad thing—if a Mexican mail order wife realizes you have different views and values, it just means that you won’t spend credits on the wrong woman. Men who provide enough information, at least 5 photos, and ideally, complete their profiles automatically get a serious advantage over other foreign men on international dating sites and have a much better chance of winning the heart of a beautiful Mexican woman.

If you need more information about how to write a good dating profile, read this guide with instructions and examples.

Define a strategy for finding a Mexican bride

Strategy of searching for a Mexican mail order bride is also important. Online dating is a process that has its specifics. By using a few rules, you can make the process of communication with Mexican brides more enjoyable and efficient.

  1. Understand what you are looking for. Do you need a charming Mexican lady for an excellent relationship or want to get married? It is a simple question, but many people miss it. Your strategy for finding Mexican ladies will depend on the answer to this question.
  2. Make a list of your wishes for Mexican brides. Divide this list into critical, less critical, and unimportant. It will keep you focused. When browsing a Mexican mail order bride’s directory, don’t waste time on girls who don’t meet critical criteria. You will stop communicating with them one day anyway. Save yourself time.
  3. Use search and matching algorithms. Men who meet Mexican mail order wives on international dating sites without spending a fortune usually don’t approach random Mexican women for marriage whose profiles they can see on the site. Focus on your specific criteria and use the special tools offered by the site to find women who meet them.
  4. Don’t be blinded by appearance. Yes, we understand that Mexican women are beautiful and vibrant, but personality is essential to relationships. Let looks be your first filter, but don’t forget about the second. We guarantee that the search for Mexican mail order brides will be successful. You do not need to choose the richest and kind woman; try to select Mexican ladies who best match your personality.
  5. Use different communication tools. If you want to date Mexican women online, you need to use communication features wisely. Test them all, find out which ones work best for you and which are more or less effective at different stages, and act accordingly.
  6. Visit the site regularly. Sometimes chatting with Mexican girls feels like a chore, but you don’t need to give in to your emotions. Only desire and persistence will lead you to a Mexican wife.

lead you to a Mexican wife

You can’t mail order Mexican brides—it’s just a myth. You’ll need to learn how to win the hearts of pretty Mexican girls online, and in this case, a good dating strategy is just necessary.

How to avoid the scam with Mexican women

Unfortunately, there is fraud on dating sites. The Federal Commission reports about $304 million in damages from “romantic scamming” in 2020. In 2019, the amount was half that. 

In your search for Mexican girls, you can run into scammers too. But the good news is that scammers are acting in a reasonably uniform manner. Our list will help you avoid Mexican women scammers.

Popular fraud schemes with Mexican mail order brides 

Just keep these points in mind, and you will avoid unpleasant situations.

  1. Sickness. Some Mexican mail order scam brides are betting on pity. This is understandable because it is difficult to refuse a person you have feelings for. Often, Mexican women and scammers call the worst diseases; this is frustrating. If you refuse, the scammer will start thinking of other ways to get money from you or lose interest in you.
  2. Financial difficulties. Some Mexican ladies use a milder form of cheating. They name various financial problems: the blocked bank account, problems with a salary at work. Other Mexican women may say that their apartment was robbed. If you provide such sponsorship, the fraudster will delete his profile or develop different ways to ask for money.
  3. Arrival. It is a susceptible question. When you start discussing an actual meeting, payment will arise. Of course, not all Mexican mail order brides can afford to come to the US and stay in a hotel. But sometimes, Mexican women scammers can also ask for money for a ticket. There is, of course, a way out. Ideally, you should visit the bride in her country. If it is she who comes to you, then do not send money; buy tickets yourself and book a hotel too.
  4. Gift. This way affects the other side of emotions. Mexican women scammers may say that they have sent you a gift (of course, the story will be very touching), but at the same time, they will ask for an amount to cover delivery. A bit awkward, but you can always use jokes. Something like, “Honey, I believe that a gentleman should be the first to give gifts.” Look for the reaction. If a woman is angry and persistently asks for money, this is a sign of deception.
  5. Blackmail. It is the most nervously and unpleasant type of Mexican women fraud. Such deceivers try to go straight to video communication, create the game’s mood, flirting, romance. In the communication process, they will ask for intimate photos or videos, which later will be the basis for blackmail. If you do not provide pictures, they can be created in Photoshop. Be careful with private information. When dealing with hot Mexican women, you need to be doubly cautious.

How to ensure the safe search for Mexican mail order bride

  1. Check the photo. Fraudsters almost always use other people’s pictures of Mexican women. Check it with a Google Image Search if a photo makes you suspicious. If you haven’t found a photo, send a photo with a gesture or ask for a video.
  2. Anti-plagiarism. If you have received a long, beautiful letter with many romantic sentences but with a few details about you, it may be a fraudulent mailing disguised as a Mexican girl. Use the Quetext service to check for plagiarism. If you are dealing with a scammer, you will most likely find these letters on some site with a blacklist.
  3. Use common sense. Yes, it’s hard to do when dealing with hot Mexican brides. But it will help you a lot. Develop acquaintances gradually, do not share essential details from your life right away. Combine your romantic feelings and common sense in searching for a Mexican girl.

Conclusions about dating with beautiful Mexican women

You have every opportunity to meet a beautiful Mexican mail order bride: good sites, inexpensive trips to Mexico, our tips. Be persistent and consistent in your search, combine common sense and feeling, and you will meet the right Mexican girl.

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