Find a Wholesaler for Your Retail Business

Retail Business

When starting a retail business you need to source products from external wholesale suppliers instead of having to make and manufacture them yourself. The wholesale marketplace these days is mostly done online, trying to make it easier for suppliers and buyers to successfully do business. If you’re new to this, we’re here to give you a few tips on finding a wholesaler for your retail business, how to choose one, and how to purchase items.

How to find wholesalers?

Wholesalers purchase goods from suppliers or manufacturers and then sell them to another business. The online wholesale marketplace is a unique community that offers a better way to source products. As a small business, you might have to work with more than one wholesale supplier, so here are a few tips on what to focus on to find the right one for you.

Understand distribution channels

Each industry is packed with unique distribution channels that vary by country, region, and product. To find the right and good wholesaler for your retail business, you might want to research your own industry’s distribution channels.

Online search

If you’re doing online searches, make sure to insert keywords from your products and niche to find the right wholesalers and distributors. Try out the product’s title, model numbers, and brand names. The more powerful wholesaler you find, the better would be to compare shops and get the feel of a normal industry price to receive the competitive quotes.

Check B2B marketplace

Nowadays, B2B online markets are available to help you purchase items at meager prices. Search for marketplaces that serve your country or the neighboring region, and know that there are industry-specific B2B marketplaces that serve a single country and global retailers populations. Some of the biggest marketplaces nowadays include Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and many more.


Online forums can be great sources of free information as well as support from other people with experience in your market and industry. Subscribe to industry newsletters, develop a good LinkedIn profile, and take part in the chamber of commerce or small business networking groups to help you build your connections.

Trade shows

Among the best ways to develop and grow your business is through trade shows. These events are made for helping any retailer get connected with distributors and manufacturers. They allow retailers to meet and speak face-to-face with many wholesalers and manufacturers in one day, helping avoid difficulties or misinformation in communication as online meetings.

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How to choose a wholesaler?

Taking good care of your business means making the right decisions when it comes to choosing wholesalers you want to work with. As they can become varied, it can be challenging to cooperate with some of them. If it’s your first time working with one, it can get confusing, and there are a couple of things you should remember when selecting a wholesaler for your business.

Whether you keep your business specific or you intend to sell various products, you need to select a wholesale supplier that distributes what you need. You also need to consider whether the merchandise you’re selling can bring money into your business. When selecting suppliers, make sure you get affordable pricing that allows you to reach your desired profit margins.

Always make sure that the wholesalers are reliable, and understand the products they’re selling. Another thing you should pay attention to is whether their customer service meets your requirements. Don’t forget to look for companies that have reliable customer service teams you can reach whenever you need to.

Purchasing items

Wholesalers are known as volume-based and their requirements of getting a large number of products to sell at a quick pace mean lower prices and more savings. Note that when the contact list of sellers starts to rise, finding successful reselling wholesale products becomes easier. 

Make sure you purchase items fitting your needs, meaning you might want to stick to products you know well. If you want to find the right price and the right products you must look at more than one seller, and compare their prices

Also, consider asking for discounts from sellers as sometimes you can find great products at discounted prices, and save money. Make sure you find an inexpensive way to get the items shipped to you, like trains and trucks. Also, don’t forget to view the return policy before setting an order.  


In closing

Understanding the wholesale marketplace and knowing how to find suppliers is the first step toward a successful retail business. The right wholesaler should fit your needs, cost, and shipping requirements, but you must research to find the best option. Remember that the lessons you’ll learn along the way will help you navigate the retail industry efficiently and help your business grow.


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