Filipina Mail Order Brides: Where and How to Meet Brides From the Philippines? 

Wondering how to date Filipino women? Here, we’ll tell you everything about how to find a wife in the Philippines and about why dating Filipino girls is a good idea. 

But first, take a look at the best dating sites with Filipino ladies—these are the most popular online dating platforms:

  1. EasternHoneys
  2. AsianMelodies
  3. OrchidRomance
  4. TheLuckyDate
  5. CuteAsianWoman
  6. FindAsianBeauty
  7. AsiaMe
  8. DateAsianWoman

EasternHoneys—a very popular dating service with thousands of women, simple


  • Visits: 275,000
  • Features: Free registration, live chat, gifts
  • Price: $3-$150

Free and very fast registration, very convenient live chat, hundreds of thousands of Filipina women genuinely interested in meeting foreign men—EasternHoneys is one of those websites you just can’t miss if you’re interested in Filipino singles. The website is not free to use, but you can browse profiles and use all the search filters for free here. What’s more, you can also get 20 credits right after the registration (30 if you confirm the email address)—this means you can send 2 mails without paying anything!

AsianMelodies—easy-to-use interface, great mobile version of the site, and free credits to all new customers


  • Visits: 510,000
  • Features: Meeting and personal info requests, live chat, free credits for new users
  • Price: $3-$150

AsianMelodies is an extremely popular dating website with more than half a million Filipino girls. The assortment of communication methods is just great—you can use a live chat, send messages with attached photos and videos, add Filipino ladies to your favorite list, and even send them real gifts! The registration is free and very fast—you’ll only need 2-3 minutes to create an account on Asian Melodies.  This site is that popular among European and American men for a good reason—it’s really one of the best options for those interested in dating ladies from Asian countries (not only the Philippines). 

OrchidRomance—sign up right now, get 20 free credits, and start chatting with Philippines girls for free!


  • Visits: 4,700,000
  • Features: Live chat, chat photos/videos, meeting request feature
  • Price: $3-$150

OrchidRomance is one of the most popular dating sites with Philipino chicks, but it’s not only about this country—there are hundreds of thousands of Asian ladies who are searching for Western men on this website. The live chat is just incredibly convenient, the interface of the site looks great (and is very easy-to-use), and the assortment of real gifts you can send to your Filipino lady is very wide here. You do not need to buy credits right after registration to chat with beautiful Filipino women—just sign up, verify your email, and get 30 credits for free!

TheLuckyDate—an interesting option for those who are searching for a simple and easy-to-use online dating platform


  • Visits: 50,000
  • Features: Simple interface, mobile version, free registration
  • Price: from $3

If you’re looking for a website with lots of hot Filipino women, TheLuckyDate might not look like the best choice because there are only 50,000 members on it. But the truth is: it’s all about the male-to-female ratio, not about the number of users—the ratio is 30-70 on The Lucky Date, so there are a lot of Filipino girls here who will fight for your attention! The live chat is very convenient here, and you can also send emails to Filipina mail order brides on TheLuckyDate. What’s more, you’ll get 2,000 credits for free right after the registration!

CuteAsianWoman—a top-notch Filipino brides website with video chat, voice calls, and an Android app


  • Visits: 600,000
  • Features: Video calls, real and virtual gifts, live chat
  • Price: $4-$400

If you want to meet Filipino brides and prefer mobile dating (or want to make video calls), CuteAsianWoman is a good choice for you. More than half a million Filipino girls for marriage, a large set of premium services, and a good Android app make CuteAsianWoman one of the most popular dating sites in Asia. You are not limited to messages and video/voice chats here—on CuteAsianWoman, you can also send real and virtual gifts to Filipino ladies (but keep in mind that the gifts are quite expensive here). Sign up right now and get 2 chat vouchers for free!

FindAsianBeauty—video calls and voice calls, real and virtual gifts and lots of premium features


  • Visits: 550,000
  • Features: Video calls, gifts and bouquets delivery, Android app
  • Price: $4-$400

Need a top-notch Filipino mail order brides platform with lots of extra services, a convenient Android app, and hundreds of thousands of hot Filipino girls? Then, FindAsianBeauty is exactly what you’re looking for. This Filipino bride platform has a special offer for new users—you’ll get 2 chat vouchers for free right after the registration and you’ll be able to buy 2 credits for only $4 instead of $10. This basically means you can spend 20 minutes in a live chat with the hottest Filipina brides for only $4!

AsiaMe—a wide assortment of features, a special offer for new users, and a great reputation


  • Visits: 650,000
  • Features: Video chat, voice chat, Android app
  • Price: $4-$400

There is no guarantee you will meet the hottest Philippines girl for marriage—but your chances are extremely high if you’re using AsiaMe. This is one of the oldest and one of the most popular Philippines mail order bride platforms with more than 600,000 Filipina brides and a lot of premium services. Video and voice call features, real and virtual gifts, a great app for Android smartphones—we don’t know if AsiaMe is the best Asian brides platform, but it’s certainly in the top-3 list. AsiaMe is not free, but if you visit the site and create a new account right now, you’ll get a great first order discount (2 credits for only $4 instead of $10).

DateAsianWoman—Filipino mail order brides website with video calls, voice calls, and lots of premium features


  • Visits: 580,000
  • Features: Video calls, mobile app, favorite list
  • Price: $4-$400

It doesn’t really matter if you’re interested in Philippine brides or in women from other Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, China, or Japan—DateAsianWoman has tens of thousands of mail order brides from almost any Asian country. The profiles of Asian women are very detailed and active—you won’t have to wait for hours to get a response to your messages. The number of messaging tools is another advantage of DateAsianWoman—you can send messages, use a live text chat, call women, and even video call them on this website. Most Asian women here are focused on serious relationships with Western men, but there are also many girls here who search for something more casual.

Where to find a Philippine girl for marriage?


If you’re searching for a Filipina woman, you can go two ways: offline and online. Each of these ways has its own advantages and disadvantages, and of course, both of them can work well (if certain requirements are met). However, we still offer our readers to meet Filipino girls online—if you want to know why, continue reading!

How to find a Filipino wife while traveling in the Philippines?


First of all: yes, it’s possible to find Filipino ladies looking for marriage offline. You don’t even need to look like young Leonardo DiCaprio to attract Filipino girls—the thing is, Filipino ladies are very open-minded, very open to foreigners, and they typically like it when a foreign man approaches them on the street.

But it’s really not that simple.  

Here’s how it works: you go to the Philippines—most likely, you’ll go to Manila (it’s the capital of the country), but tourist destinations like Boracay will work well, too. Then, you install Tinder/Instagram/Facebook and start chatting with local women. If you feel too confident, you can approach Filipina women on the streets—and here come the problems.

  1. The main problem is that you can meet local women who are searching for something casual if you do it offline, but the chances to find Filipina brides—women who want to marry foreigners—are extremely high if you prefer offline dating. The number of Filipina girls who want to build a happy family life with Western men is extremely high, but it only matters when you’re dating Filipino women online, on a dating site. When you’re doing it on the streets, well, you don’t need to be an expert in probability theory to understand that the probability of meeting one of those, say, 100,000 women among 100,000,000 Filipino citizens is quite low.
  2. Another reason why offline dating is not the best option is safety. The Philippines is not the most dangerous country in the world (in fact, it’s at least as safe as the United States), that’s true—when you’re a tourist, you don’t have anything to worry about. But when you’re approaching local girls on the streets or date multiple local girls at once, it’s a whole different game and no one can guarantee your safety in this case.  
  3. The last thing you need to understand is that meeting Philippine women offline is much more expensive and time-consuming than meeting them on a Filipino mail order bride website. We’ll talk about how much a Filipina bride costs later, but you need to understand that a 2-week trip to this country will cost you at least $1,500—and as we’ve just said, there are no guarantees you’ll find a Filipino bride. 

If you want to date traditionally, you have another option—marriage tours. Here’s how they work: you pay the marriage agency, then you go to the Philippines and meet several Filipino mail order wives found by the agency. It’s not like using dating sites like EasternHoneys—you can’t chat, talk, or call Filipina girls chosen by the marriage agency. The disadvantages of such a method are clear—first of all, it’s pretty similar to a blind date, and second, such tours are usually quite expensive ($5,000-$8,000).  

How to meet Filipino women for marriage online?


Online dating looks like the perfect way to meet Philippines ladies looking for marriage. The advantages of online dating are clear and obvious. First of all, you don’t need to go to the Philippines to meet Philippines women—there are tens of mail order bride websites and you only need to choose the best one to start chatting with Filipino brides. The second reason why we vote for mail order bride sites is the price—most websites with Philippines women cost around $50-$150 per month which is obviously much cheaper than $1,500-$2,500 for 2 weeks. Safety, comfort, and convenience, higher chances to meet many Filipino brides who will be genuinely interested in meeting Western men—there are lots of reasons why dating Philippines mail order brides online is better than doing it offline.

However, it might be a bit complex for some foreign men who have never used dating platforms before. Here are the top 5 dating tips that will help you impress any Filipino lady online and not lose your money. 

Dating Filipino girls online: Top 5 dating tips

  1. Find a safe dating website. It’s the most important thing to do, actually—if you choose a wrong dating website with fake or inactive profiles, you will never find an ideal Filipino woman. That’s why you should read all the reviews and always test the dating platform you’re going to use before you buy credits or premium subscription on it. 
  2. Buy a premium membership. Most Filipino mail order brides services are paid, but even if you find a free one, make sure you have a premium profile. Premium accounts get more attention, more views, and more messages from women, be it Filipino wives, Slavic brides, European brides, or Western women. That’s a general rule that works with all international dating websites, not only with the Filipino ones.   
  3. Upload your best photos. Pictures don’t just carry weight in the final assessment of your profile, they are also extremely important when it comes to making the first impression—so you just have to upload several full-body photos, a few selfies, and (it would be great) some professional pictures.
  4. Write a catchy profile bio. Not a generic “I-am-looking-for-serious-relationships” bio but a cool and interesting one. Talk about your hobbies, about your career, about your interests, about your favorite sport… There are lots of interesting things you can write in a profile bio to make it more eye-catching.
  5. Don’t use generic ice-breakers. They might look nice to you, but do you think that they will work for Filipino mail order brides who have probably already seen them dozens of times?

How much does a Philippines girl for marriage cost?


If you’re going to buy a bride from the Philippines, here’s the very first thing you need to understand: you can’t buy Filipino mail order brides. You cannot buy a person, that’s not a topic to discuss here.

The whole process of “buying” a Filipina girl for marriage looks like this: you chat with Philippines mail order brides online, then you choose Filipina mail order brides (or a Filipino bride) you like most, then you ask them (or her) for a date, buy an airplane ticket to Manila, book a hotel room for a week or two, go on dates, and after that, you propose to your Filipina bride.

The process is sometimes called “buying” because it’s typically a foreign husband who pays for everything, from the dating site to the tickets and hotel room. Here, we’ll talk about how much it will cost for you—let’s say, you’re going on a 2-week trip to Manila. How much will you spend?

The cost of traveling to Philippines

  • Tickets: $1,500
  • Hotel room: $1,000
  • Food: $250
  • Transportation: $300
  • Entertainment: $250
  • Total: $3,300

The cost of online dating a Filipino wife

Rank Dating Site Cost
🥇 CuteAsianWoman
  • $399 for 100 credits
  • 1 credit to send 1 email
  • 0.1 credits per minute of live chat
🥈 TheLuckyDate
  • $3 for 2,000 credits
  • 3,000 credits to send 1 email
🥉 EasternHoneys
  • $150 for 750 credits
  • 30 credits to send 1 email
  • 2 credits per minute of live chat


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How to legally bring a Filipino mail order bride to the US?

If you’re going to get a Filipino mail order wife, you have surely thought about bringing her to the United States. The good news is that it’s 100% legal. The bad news is that it’s very time-consuming.

There are actually two options you have—K-1 visa and CR-1 visa. The first one, K-1, is also called “fiancee” visa, while the latter is called “spouse” visa. The main difference is that those who think of marrying Filipino women in the Philippines will use a CR-1 visa while those who plan to have their wedding ceremony in the United States need a K-1 visa.

That’s not the only difference. 

  • K-1 visa is more expensive—it costs around $2,200. The main advantage of this type of visa is that your Filipino partner will be able to enter the US sooner than a woman who is applying for a CR-1 visa (8-12 months vs 15-18 months).
  • CR-1 visa is cheaper—a Philippine bride (or her foreign husband) will only have to pay around $1,200 for it. However, applying for the CR-1 visa is a much more time-consuming process.

Are Filipino mail order brides legitimate?

Yes, they are 100% legit. Filipino wives, as well as other mail order brides, can enter the United States on a K-1/CR-1 visa, get a green card, and even become US citizens in 3 years. Many girls go this way every year—for example, in 2020 more than 3,000 Filipino brides entered the US on a K-1 visa. This makes the Philippines the most popular mail bride country in the world!

Why are Filipino brides looking for foreign husbands?


The reason why beautiful Filipino women fall for Westerners is simple: they believe that American men are more respectful, caring, loving, and more stable than their local men. That’s what most girls in the Philippines dream about—and unfortunately, that’s what they can’t find in their own country. 

Another simple and obvious reason why Filipino wives want to move to the US is a higher quality of life there. It has nothing to do with gold-digging, of course—Filipino wives just want to live in a better country with a better education, healthcare, and career opportunities.

How to marry a Filipino woman?

Filipinos make good wives, they are extremely beautiful, they are always loyal, and they have lots of other advantages (we’ll talk about some of them later). All these mean you’ll have to earn them—but don’t worry, it’s really not that difficult. Just follow these simple rules and you’ll impress any Filipino woman!

Filipino women: tips to impress them

The list below contains not only specific tips but also some general ones: you can use them to impress any lady you like.

  • Dress your best. Filipino brides are very beautiful, so you need to look great on a date, too.
  • Be nice and treat her with respect. They treat their partners with respect, so that’s what they expect from the partners, too.
  • Respect her parents and ask their permission. Meeting Filipino brides parents is an important step when it comes to dating a Filipino lady. Family is extremely important to these women, so you’ll need to attain her parents’ blessing before you marry her.
  • Respect her culture, respect Filipino wedding customs (some of them might look weird for an American man), respect her religion—as you’ve probably already guessed, it’s all about respect in the Philippines.
  • Show that you’re serious. Most Filipino girls have serious intentions and they don’t search for one-night stands.
  • Be direct and don’t play games with her.
  • Don’t be boring! Filipino brides are very fun and they expect their partners to have fun, too!
  • Lead the date and make the first move. In the Philippines, it’s always a man who leads the relationships.
  • Pay for the date. They don’t go Dutch in this country.
  • PDA is important, don’t ignore it. You can kiss your Filipino bride and hug her, but it would be better to do it behind the closed doors.
  • Cook for her! Filipino brides love cooking and if you cook something for her, she’ll never forget it.
  • Give her a pasalubonga small gift on the first date. But nothing expensive, please—you don’t want her to feel uncomfortable.

What makes a Filipino girl perfect for marriage?


You’ve surely heard that Filipinos make good wives. That’s true, but what does it mean?

  • Filipino girls are usually more traditional than Western women. They have much more traditional views when it comes to family and relationship goals—most Filipino mail order brides believe that a man must provide and protect the family.
  • Filipino brides love American and European men. That’s why it’s quite easy to find a Filipina wife both offline and online—Filipinas love Westerners because they think Western men make better partners and are more caring, loyal, and respectful.
  • Filipino brides parents are very sweet—so you don’t have to worry about the meeting.
  • Filipino women have more than 2 children. The fertility rate in this country is 2.5—so if you’re dreaming of a large family, Philippine ladies for marriage are definitely a good choice for you.
  • Filipino girls are very loyal—you don’t need to worry about cheating if you have a Filipino wife. That’s another reason why, when it comes to foreign brides, Philippines is the best choice for every man who values loyalty.

To meet a mail order bride not just from the Philippines, check out the following articles:


If you’re dreaming of mail order brides from Philippines, there’s no better time to meet them than now. Online dating is simple, convenient, and affordable in 2021—so the only thing you have to do is create an account on a Filipino brides website and start chatting with thousands of Filipino ladies. Do it right now, sign up for free, and start searching for your ideal Filipino girl for marriage today!

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