Factors To Consider Before Buying Insurance

Buying insurance is a big decision and you should approach the decision in an informed and calculated manner. This article will aim at informing you of what factors you should take into account before you finally decide to sign the dotted line and subscribe to an insurance policy.

So without further ado, let’s go!



There’s more than one insurance company in the market and the amount of competition gives one so many great options. You could consider hiring the services of an insurance broker or agent or just approach insurance companies on your own and take your time with the process and learn along the way. Ask all the questions that come to mind and make sure you’re clear with all the different terminologies and have all the numbers noted down correctly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as one of the insurance provider’s jobs is to ensure that you as a potential subscriber are aware of all the facts.

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Insurance providers will talk a lot about what their policies cover and will plaster it over every marketing and promotional item you can find. They divert your focus towards what is covered that you forget what ISN’T covered under the policy. While we mentioned the importance of asking questions above, it is vital that you most certainly ask your insurance provider what the policy does not cover.

The term used in the industry is “exclusions” and you should ask the insurance provider to explain every single exclusion before you get too deep into the conversation. Don’t stop the discussion if the exclusions don’t suit you, but make sure to be aware of them before you consider all the positive aspects of the policy.



Before you subscribe to a policy, sit down and assess your budget to judge if you’ll actually be able to make your payments on time. Deferred payments can lead to a variety of issues including a higher risk assessment which leads to more expensive rates. Even if your budget gives you enough allowance to be able to make your payments, make sure to adjust your savings accordingly to be able to pay from them if any unexpected and unfortunate times were to suddenly hit.



Regardless of your purpose to purchase insurance, you need to regularly revisit your insurance requirements. As time passes by, our needs tend to change as well. For example, you might be subscribing to medical insurance for yourself one year and the next year would need to change your policy if you were to get married and have a child. 

Therefore, you should actively sit down every year to revisit your insurance arrangements and compare them against your actual needs. Also, keep all your correspondence with your insurance provider stored safely as these are important and legally binding documents.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.