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It’s no secret that European girls are some of the most gorgeous ladies in the world. Pair that with a culture similar to yours, a traditional outlook on families, and loyalty. 

You’ve got the recipe for the perfect wife for Western men. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know all about the best dating sites to use, and what to know when dating European ladies.

7 Best Dating Sites to Find European Women

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you need a reliable dating site. The 7 platforms recommended here will help you find many women of different nationalities, all of whom want the same thing as you: a perfect match. Take a peek:



Best for Meeting hot European girls
Number of visits per month 143.7K
Free features
  1. Find new users through their posts on the Newsfeed
  2. Check out user’s profiles and photos for free
Mobile app No
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Best for Meeting Eastern European girls
Number of visits per month 626.9K
Free features
  1. Newsfeed where ladies post pictures and statuses about their daily life
  2. User photos are free to access
Mobile app No
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Best for Meeting Ukrainian women
Number of visits per month <50K
Free features
  1. Basic prewritten “Hi” messages are free
  2. In depth search filter lets you easily find the best partner for you
Mobile app Yes
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Best for Meeting European Women
Number of visits per month 75.3K
Free features
  1. View user profiles
  2. Like and Favorite users for free
Mobile app No
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Best for Finding cute European girls
Number of visits per month 108K
Free features
  1. Like/Skip game lets you easily match with potential partners
  2. Stay up to date about active users with the Newsfeed
Mobile app No
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Best for Finding Eastern European girls
Number of visits per month <50K
Free features
  1. 2 free basic “Hi” messages available per day
  2. Easy to use search filter
Mobile app Yes




Best for Meeting European ladies
Number of visits per month 690.8K
Free features
  1. 20 free credits received upon signing up
  2. Check out all user photos from their profiles
Mobile app No
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Find your best Eastern European Bride

Vika, 20


Location: Vinnitsya, Ukraine

Occupation: Student

Children: None

About Me: I’m looking for a man that loves me for what I am and who I am, age is not an issue for me to build a relationship, I want to be honest, respectful and above all faithful, have a good time together with my man, have fun, do strange things to be happy, always be a romantic, passionate and above all very loving.


Lylia, 22


Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Occupation: Aircraft engine designer

Children: None

About Me: It is very important for me to find a person on this site who will understand me and accept me as I am. I don’t want complicated and long conversations. The seriousness and openness of a person is important to me. I want to see sincerity and honesty.


Top 10 things to know about Eastern European brides: Popular questions with answers

Before you make the most important decision of your life, you need to know what European mail order wives are really like. 

After all, you don’t want to be in the dark when you get married to a European woman. Here’s a quick read that’ll help enlighten you:

European Brides: Who Are They?

Europe is an extremely diverse continent. When you’re using international dating sites, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to Italian women, Ukrainian women, Russian girls and plenty of ladies from other countries. 

Each nation has its own unique attributes. Beautiful Italian women are known for their slender legs and musical voices. Ladies from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea are known for their tanned skin and their beach bodies.

Whatever the type of woman is that you want, you’ll find a beautiful bride from Europe who’ll check every box.

What Makes A European Woman The Best Wife?

Beautiful European women make the best brides for a vast variety of reasons. Here’s a few that might intrigue you:

  1. European mail order brides are naturally beautiful. They almost rarely go out of their way to use makeup, and when they do, they always use natural makeup. 
  2. European mail order wives are well educated. Compared to their Asian counterparts, European singles have access to higher quality education and opportunities, and they’re eager to take advantage of it.
  3. European ladies are a great partner because they give immense importance to family life. They focus solely on serious relationships and prefer the traditional way of life where the man is the breadwinner and the woman looks after the home.
  4. When you’re dating European women, you’ll be taken aback by how fiercely loyal these girls are. You won’t ever have to worry about your woman being unfaithful when you’re with a European mail order bride.
  5. European wives are extremely attractive. Staying fit is important to them, so they take their self development very seriously. 

Where To Meet Eastern European Mail Order Brides?

If you wanna meet an Eastern European girl online:

  • Use dating sites made specifically for Eastern Europe. Sites like UkraineBride4You, SingleSlavic and AmourFactory are your best bets.
  • Try to use platforms with an autotranslation feature, as Eastern European women won’t speak English as fluently as you. 
  • Unless you’re speaking to Russian women, don’t default to using Russian. You especially don’t want to make the assumption that a girl is Russian just because she’s Eastern European. One of the worst things you could do is assume that the Polish women you’re speaking to are Russian, because you’ll ruin your chances with them.

If you wanna meet Eastern European brides offline:

  • This phase comes after getting acquainted online over a long period of time. Make sure she’s really ready to meet you in person.
  • The first meeting should be in a public place, like an upscale restaurant. Always bring flowers! Remember, the rules for bouquets can change depending on the country she’s from, so do your research.

✅ Pros of online dating:

  • You can talk to multiple European wives at once
  • You won’t be nervous when you’re chatting with beautiful ladies online as it’s far less personal.

❌ Cons of online dating:

  • You won’t be able to take the relationship to the next level without meeting in person
  • Over time, the cost of conversation starts to build up

✅ Pros of meeting offline:

  • You finally get to meet the Eastern European lady of your dreams
  • Physical intimacy is no longer off the table, and that’s one of the most vital facets of any relationship
  • When you go to Eastern European countries, you typically have the advantage in currency, which lets you live a lavish life.

❌ Cons of meeting offline:

  • Flight tickets are absurdly expensive, bordering a thousand dollars for a round trip flight.
  • On the off chance it doesn’t work out, you run the risk of feeling like you spent your money with no payoff.

Is It Difficult dating an Eastern European mail order bride?

Eastern European women have a weaker grasp on English compared to ladies from Western Europe. Aside from this, women from Eastern Europe are typically old fashioned when it comes to families, where the man is the money maker and the woman takes care of the home and kids.

If you consider yourself a traditional man and prefer this, then what’s considered the problem with Eastern European brides is actually a blessing for you. Aside from these differences, you won’t have any grievances when you’re dating women from Eastern European countries.

What to expect when dating a European Girl?

Depending on the region your future European wife is from, you might experience some slight cultural differences. The further East your European bride is from, the more likely it is that she was raised with patriarchal traditions, where she’ll expect you to be a macho man and she would prefer to be a stay at home wife.

If your potential bride is from the West, expect a more liberal type of woman who’s assertive and has similarities in culture with you.

Is there usually a language barrier with European brides?

European brides typically speak English on a fluent to semi-fluent scale. As a general rule, the further West a European mail order wife is from, the more likely she is to speak English well. 

Eastern European brides also speak quite a bit of English, albeit at a lower level than their Western counterparts.

However, this isn’t an issue when you’re using the translation services offered on sites such as SingleSlavic and TheLuckyDate.

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Does an age difference matter to European mail order brides?

This depends on where your potential bride is from. When it comes to an Eastern European mail order bride, they prefer their foreign husband to be at least a few years older than them, as they have a traditional outlook on marriages.

For European ladies from the West, they’re far more lax when it comes to the age of their potential husband. You could even be younger than them, and they won’t bat an eye. 

How much do Eastern European mail order brides cost?

First off, you aren’t purchasing a person, rather for the communication service. The cost for Eastern European brides can vary depending on the site you choose to use. These platforms typically have a “pay per message” system. For chatting alone, you could spend a few hundred dollars.

The real expenses begin when you’ve found the perfect European woman for you. Since you’ll want to meet the bride in real life, you’ll have to spend money on flight tickets. If you live in the US, a round trip flight to Europe can cost on average $600 to $900.

Following this, you’ll have to pay for hotel costs, dates, gifts, transportation, and the wedding itself. You’ll also have to pay for your bride’s visa, which will cost over $800

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to spend over $5000 on a European mail order bride. For a trustworthy lifelong partner, that’s a bargain.

Are marriages to Eastern European brides legal?

Marriages to Eastern European brides are perfectly legal. There is no red tape when it comes to meeting Eastern European girls online, and later getting married to them. It’s a matter of charisma, perseverance, and finances. 

Once you’re married, you’ll need to secure a visa for your bride in order to bring her to your home country.

How to marry a European woman?

Once you’ve charmed a European girl off her feet, all the two of you need is to figure out what kind of wedding you want, where you want it, and who to invite. The legal procedures for getting married are fairly simple.

Depending on the country you’re getting married in, you’ll both need a valid passport, proof of your home address, a visa, and so on. There are some costs to be paid, but they’re relatively negligible.

Final thoughts about European brides

If you manage to find a European woman to marry, you can be certain that the rest of your days will pass blissfully. A European wife will love and care for you no matter what. This is a decision you will never regret. 

If you’re ready to date European women, start searching on one of the sites recommended here, and you’ll have yourself a European wife in no time.

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