Equipment Checklist: The 4 Must-Haves in Every Warehouse


The warehouse is the backbone of any e-commerce operation. It’s where all the merchandise comes in, goes out, and gets sorted for shipping. A well-organized storage area will help you save time and money while providing your customers with an outstanding shopping experience. If you are starting up a new business or need to add some order to the existing one, use this equipment checklist:

Order picker

When choosing your forklift you must get one that matches your specific needs – there are different types available depending on what kind of work they’re required to do.  If you’re interested you can buy an order picker noting that the most common forklifts are counterbalanced, order picker, and reach trucks.

The counterbalance is a type of forklift that has the ability to lift loads to 2800lbs. They’re designed for lifting long or bulky items in tight spaces where conventional vehicles can’t access – they have wheels that enable them to maneuver around obstacles with ease. The term “order pickers” comes from their use in picking goods out of racks such as warehouses and stockrooms- it’s an efficient way of picking because you don’t need dedicated drivers training as other types do.

Pallet jack 

A pallet jack is the best option if you need something that can lift loads to 2000lbs. It’s much more affordable than a counterbalance order picker and it can be used in tight spaces as well so long as there is enough space for the truck!

If you need something that can lift lighter loads of up to 1000lbs, an electric pallet jack is your best bet. This type has a built-in battery and drives system so there’s no truck needed! Electric units are also great for indoor use only.

For when the job calls for both lightweight as well as affordability, hand pallet jacks may be just what you’re looking for. There is also an online pallet delivery quote where these more basic models have a manual operation with little in terms of special features other than load capacity (maximum 600 lbs). However, they don’t require any installation or setup either which makes them perfect if you want to save time on set-up costs. They’re also very easy to store.

Warehouse shelving system 

This is an important part of the warehouse. Shelving is a type of storage system for organizing and storing materials in warehouses or other facilities that store commercial goods, such as manufacturing plants, retail stores, airport cargo complexes etcetera.

Inventory tracking is critical to every business operation with inventory being one of their most valuable assets. Inventory management software provides key data on how much has been sold versus what’s still available which means lost sales due to lack of stock can be minimized by having accurate records on hand at all times. Having enough shelves and good organization will ensure that no items are misplaced making it easier to manage your warehousing operations smoothly while minimizing costs associated with running them efficiently without any disruptions along the way!

Shipping is more efficient if you have a good organization within your warehouses thus ensuring smooth operations all around without any delays along the way!

Office desk

Office desks are not just a piece of furniture, they are also useful tools for increasing productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Having ergonomic workstations can help your workers perform efficiently and become more productive. A good office desk should be sturdy enough to support your computer equipment while being spacious enough to accommodate all necessary items. It’s important that you consider everything from wireless printer compatibility capabilities needed for effective workflow before making any purchase decisions. Choose a desk with plenty of legroom underneath so employees can comfortably scoot their chairs away from the workspace when it’s time to stand and stretch. This option allows them to take advantage of standing during certain parts of the day rather than sitting constantly which reduces back strain over time. 

The desk should also be situated a comfortable distance away from windows and doors to avoid excessive heat or cold. This is an important consideration for employees who work in areas with extreme temperatures during the year. Office desks usually come designed in various shapes and sizes such as L-shaped, C shaped, U shaped etcetera thus allowing you to choose one that fits your workspace needs best!Warehouse and Logistics

A good rule of thumb when shopping around is that bigger isn’t always better. The size and shape of a bin may not matter much if you’re using other storage solutions throughout the facility. It’s more important to look at things like strength and durability because these factors impact whether an item is going to last as long as possible.

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