Effective Strategies to Increase Client Satisfaction


Have you ever wondered why some brands can keep their clients happy while others struggle? In all probability, we’ve all had the experience of working with a client who is unhappy with our work, something that can be truly damaging to your brand and can also significantly impact your company’s revenue.

For example, if your customer satisfaction levels are low, chances are, your retention rates will be low as well. For that reason, customer satisfaction is a corporate aim and represents a solid fundamental to success for every thriving company.

Although only one out of every 26 unsatisfied customers actually complains to the company’s customer service department, a staggering 91% of disgruntled non-complaining consumers leave the business and never come back, which is worse.

Having that in mind, you probably won’t want to lose 91% of your consumers, which is why you need to learn to identify disgruntled customers, raise their satisfaction levels, and improve their customer experience. So, let’s plunge into the strategies you might need to employ in order to achieve all that.

Consider Incorporating Corporate Gifting


When you’re dealing with a certain number of customers, such as in the case of a corporation, you can’t just go out and find new customers every time you run low on business. So, rather than constantly looking for new clients, a corporation should look at ways to retain their current clients, and one of the best ways to do that is through corporate gifting.

Corporate gifting is a beautiful way to thank your clients and allows you to show that you appreciate the business your company has received from these valued individuals. It also provides the opportunity for you to get new leads, referrals, and reorders. Aside from being able to influence your client’s purchasing decisions by providing them gifts, other advantages come with this type of marketing campaign:

It’s Cost-Effective

When you provide your clients with corporate gifts, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll spend more money on them than if you hadn’t gifted them with anything at all. In fact, it might prove to be a cheap marketing technique that will increase their client satisfaction, as the gift, whatever that is, may lead to making additional sales. 

For example, if one of your clients receives a gift from you and likes what they receive, they will surely recommend you to other potential clients who may also become loyal customers along the way.

It Increases Your Brand Recognition

Having your brand’s name associated with particular items will create a positive image for your brand and gain the attention of even more potential customers. This can be achieved by supplying your company name, logo, or slogan on promotional merchandise, as well as imprinting your company’s name on a variety of items such as tote bags, mugs, pens, etc.

Regularly Gather Customer Feedback and Use It to Your Advantage

Listening to and regularly analyzing your customers’ feedback will help you better grasp their wants and needs. This way, you’ll be aware of what your clients desire and what they think about your company, modify your products or services in a way that will gauge customer happiness, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.  

As a matter of fact, shopper-centric businesses are 60% more lucrative and profitable than non-customer-centric businesses, which comes as no surprise, so your brand must learn how to measure customer satisfaction regularly and then curve that feedback into action—reply to comments and messages, share it across all your company crews, and actively ask your clients for more feedback on all touchpoints of your service and product.

Pitch Into Social Media to Increase Satisfaction Levels

Social media has been one of the most potent marketing tools over the last decade, and it is easy to see why. While the internet and related technologies have been helpful to businesses in general, social media platforms are the ones that have made business more accessible to the average consumer than ever before.

As a result, there are more opportunities for brands to connect with customers and cultivate client relationships which will eventually translate to increased customer satisfaction with the company. For instance, a simple tweet such as “We are running a special menu this week, and we would like to hear your opinion about it” will get your message out to thousands of people who have shown interest in your restaurant and give them a platform where they can share their honest opinion about your latest menu and engage with your company. 

Additionally, you can use social media to engage your clients through quizzes, contests, giveaways, and other activities, provide them with consumer assistance regularly, and keep a close eye on how they react to your posts.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, happy customers are the best way to ensure clients return for repeat business, and client satisfaction is essential for building a solid brand and potent word-of-mouth marketing. So whether you prioritize client satisfaction to improve your brand’s quality or your marketplace standing, it’s an essential factor that should never be ignored. Remember, happy customers are a brand’s best form of advertising, so the key to success is always to satisfy the customer in the best way imaginable.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.