Review: Generate Your Next 5-Figure Income From Home Review

Having the right trading account for yourself is crucial to forex trading. EconomyPair is truly an excellent brokerage platform – which enables traders to select the best trading account for you. With numerous options available, based on the trader’s current position in the trading journey, the right account is selected by the trader. has been quite positive – when it comes to making the right choice to select the right trading account type for the trader. 

In this article, we will list the different account types which are available for the trader. So, let’s get started without any further delay.

Different types of accounts available for every trader in EconomyPair

For every trader, the same type of account is not suitable. All of them come with different needs which must be addressed. In total, there are five different types of accounts available with EconomyPair.

  1. Beginner: As the name suggests, this account type is mostly suitable for the ones who have just started Forex trading. The features of this account are mostly to encourage traders such that they invest more into growing their capital steadily, without taking much risk. With the leverage of 10 times, the trading account offers a dedicated account manager and 24/7 support allowing you to trade across 60+ financial instruments. The lack of trading signals and the absence of unlimited open positions might require traders to upgrade their plans. 
  2. Trader: If you have been into trading for around three to five years, then this trading account is the right one for you. In addition to all the features as mentioned above, traders can enjoy a leverage of 20X enabling them to reach higher targets. 
  3. Expert: An expert trading account is for the one who is into professional trading for quite some time. A minimum of 25,000 euro is required before they start using this account type. A leverage of 30 times with an added benefit of trading signal is what makes Expert account type truly excellent. 
  4. VIP: The features of the VIP account type remain mostly the same as the Expert account type. The only differentiating factor in this case is the higher leverage which goes as high as 40 times.
  5. Exclusive: The exclusive account type is for the traders who dedicate themselves completely to trading. A very high leverage of 50 times is provided along with the automated trading signals guiding the trader. With the mobile application available, it is truly sensational when it comes to trading with an Exclusive account type.  

Bottom line

It is very important to select a trading account based on your current standing in the forex trading journey. With the growing uncertainty and the competition among the traders to rank higher in the forex market the right account type will only be suitable if there is clarity in trading goals. With EconomyPair, you need not worry further about moving from one account type to another. Sign up right now – to generate the next 5 figure income, right from your home!

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