EB5 Program, Top Three Investor Priorities

EB5 Program

The team at American Immigration Group, has conducted a survey with about 1, 300 investors and potential investors and has come to the conclusion that the majority of EB-5 investors have three main priorities.

Green Card

A Green Card is the main reason our valuable investors decide to do EB-5. American Immigration Group prioritizes just that.

American Immigration Group strives to be the best EB-5 provider in the market. As such, they only bring to the market projects that are qualified and meet all USCIS requirements to ensure that investors get their approvals. American Immigration Group’s current EB-5 projects, the Banyan Cay Hyatt Resort and the Kingsbridge National Ice Center not only are in full compliance with USCIS EB-5 requirements but they also have exemplar (I-924) approvals while being TEA projects. After the 2019 changes in the EB-5 program, only a handful of projects they have an exemplar approval continue to be TEA (Targeted Employment Area) projects.

Benefits from obtaining a US Green Card are multiple, such as: unlimited employment opportunities, quality public schools and universities for your children, top health care providers, freedom to live and travel anywhere in US and travel abroad, great business environment and opportunities, political and economic security and stability, and much more.

A Green Card, for many people means a better future for themselves and their families. American Immigration Group is fully committed to make this happen for all their investors.

Return of the principal investment

The EB-5 visa program requires that the capital invested by the investor is at risk until the conditions are removed from the US Green Card, American Immigration Group seeks to create safe investment structures to minimize this risk. This risk is also mitigated by making sure the projects selected or EB-5 are financially and being built by developers who have a good financial standing and implacable track record. American Immigration Group has an extensive due diligence process in place to make sure only the best projects are offered to the Eb-5 investors.

The main priority at the American Immigration Group is to have their investors get their investment back, completely in the end of the process.

Personalized Service and Support by the Regional Center

American Immigration Group has assembled a team of professionals to make sure all measures are taken for a successful EB-5 investment. They also count on a team of relationship managers that will be with the investor every step of the way, from the start until the completion of the entire process. On top of that, they have representatives in more than ten countries around the world, whom investors can meet in person and discuss EB-5, their goals or any concerns they may have before and after they have invested. You can always count on their support no matter the stage of the EB-5 process you are on.

Contact American Immigration Group today and become a US Permanent Resident in the very near future.

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