Easy Tips For Anyone Looking For Website Hosting & Cloud Services

All business today is becoming digital. Even the smallest of teams require online assistance, web services, or digital working systems. It simply becomes unviable to try and run a business without using web or cloud services.

With that in mind, you may be wondering what’s out there and what services could help you run your business better. Whether it’s a small team, large corporation, or something in between, let’s take a look at what services are available to you. Read on for all the easy tips for anyone looking for website hosting or cloud-based services. 

Cloud Services

When organizing your teams, cloud services are one of the best ways to help keep everything on track. There are so many arms to cloud-based operating. With a Cloud Solution Partner on board, you can achieve so much more. Everything from customer relationship management to staff organization and online meetings can be achieved with the help of the cloud.

What Can You Get?

When using a cloud-based system, you can dive into all sorts of useful apps and tools. Let’s take a look at a couple of key examples of cloud-based computing and how they can help – or even save – your business, starting with accounting.

Accounting is never a fun or easy task. Even with a dedicated team of accountants in your business, things can still be tricky. You may have hundreds of invoices going through your business accounts, alongside a selection of expense cards and sales reports. Managing all of these financials offline can become an uphill struggle at the best of times. Enter the cloud. When using a cloud-based accounting solution, all of the above financials are drawn into one place on one cloud server. This means that anyone, whether accountants or CEOs, can sign in and assess the finances. This makes everyone’s job easier and cuts the margin for error – if everyone is operating from the same central digital hub, it’s much harder for things to get missed.

Another important part of business today is online, collaborative working – and not just for accounting. With many staff working remotely, you may not have everyone dialed into a central, office-based server system. Using the cloud makes everything accessible remotely. The same cloud-based server can also help with organizing and smoothly running digital meetings through apps like Microsoft Teams. These apps have become the norm during the Covid-19 pandemic and will be used more and more in the future.

Security Benefits

Collaborative working and centralized data are two of the most helpful and exciting parts of choosing cloud-based services, but what other benefits are there? Well, for starters, there’s security. Optimizing your data and business into a managed, cloud-based system will help keep all your data protected. It is far better to use a managed service than try and encrypt and protect all your valuable data yourself, especially if it is spread across hundreds of different computers. 

On-Call Help

Another huge benefit of signing up with a company to manage these things is the dedicated on-call support you will receive. Let’s face it, not everyone is a technical genius. Sometimes, we all make mistakes on our computers or with our data that could prove hugely costly. Having a cloud partner available at all times to assist with any data breaches, server breakdowns, or other IT-related issues is a real bonus to most businesses. 

These teams can also help in times of disaster. If your computer crashes and you feel like you’ve lost essential data, their data recovery experts can help salvage your data and save the day. An extra layer of insurance on your company’s most important assets.

How Much Does It Cost?

You may think managed cloud services would be super expensive. But, it is often the case that hiring an external, cloud-based server team can be more cost-effective than running similar systems in-house. For starters, you don’t need to pay the wages of a full, in-house IT department. Secondly, you never have to worry about equipment maintenance or upgrades, as these will all be included in your subscription. It is, therefore, often cheaper to outsource to these secured, cloud-based IT systems than it is to try and look after your IT systems yourself.

Website Hosting

So, you can have your data managed by an expert team and protected by the most advanced encryption, while providing you with online tools to work collaboratively, but you need a website, too. No business can be successful these days without a great website.  

This is where web hosting comes in. Separate from cloud-based computing, web hosting is a service to host your website. It can, however, feed information directly into your cloud-based apps for easier management of web stores, email, and customer relationship management. If you’re looking for a website host that can handle your every need, look no further than DreamIT Host. With their years of experience and top-notch customer service, they’ll be sure to make your website publishing process a breeze. You can read reviews on WP Dev Shed here.

What’s Included?

Again, there are different levels of website hosting to consider. You can design your own website in-house and simply pay for the hosting aspect. This would make your website visible online but not much else. However, there are more in-depth options to choose from. 

For example, some website hosting services come with domain names, email accounts, e-commerce platforms, and much more. You can even build and design your website through a hosting company in many cases. The choice depends on how much of an in-house web team you have. Already have a great designer and e-commerce platform? Then don’t pick those options. Web hosting can be as simple or layered as you want it to be. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on the number of services you require and the size of your website, hosting prices range from free to huge monthly fees. If you’re storing huge amounts of data, making lots of sales, and using a hosting services web management team, you’ll pay more. If you’re simply buying a domain and hosting a simple holding page, you’ll pay very little. Either way, having something online to represent your business is important, even if very minimal.

With these options varying so massively, you can build your own selection of cloud-based tools and web services that are right for you. All good companies will come with structured payment plans depending on just how much you need from them. At the end of the day, they are all created with one thing in mind: making your job easier.

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