Dual Citizenship Allowing Global Mobility and Business Expansion to Investors

Global Mobility

Dual citizenship was practically unheard of just a few decades ago, but now it has become a necessity and in some cases an obligation for investors and high-net-worth individuals of certain nationalities. An increasing number of nations now permit investors and families to obtain a dual citizenship and passport through investment, which grants them many benefits, such as global mobility and visa-free travel around the world, expanding and conducting business internationally, a favourable tax haven environment, access to world-class education and healthcare systems, and much more. 

Benefits of a Caribbean Dual Citizenship

The business-friendly nature of many Caribbean nations is one of the primary reasons foreign investors seek second citizenship in the Caribbean. Because of that nature, the Caribbean is a strategic choice that provides wealthy individuals with significant financial benefits, including exemption from global taxation. Accordingly, owning a Caribbean dual citizenship enables business people to expand their business globally and helps them tackle a wider market, while taking advantage of the lower bank lending rates. 

Also, with little or no residency requirement, a qualified investor and family members can take advantage of the numerous benefits that a Caribbean passport provides, for instance travelling without visa to over 160 countries, including the United Kingdom, Singapore, the Schengen area, China, and others.

St Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Grenada, and Dominica are the most popular and leading programmes. Arab nationals prefer these Caribbean islands because they have well-established citizenship by investment programmes that have produced proven results for investors.

The citizenship by investment programme in St. Kitts and Nevis was established in 1984 and is considered one of the most successful and popular programmes, due to the many benefits that come with obtaining the St Kitts passport. Due diligence is one of the characteristics that allow St Kitts and Nevis to excel in the economic citizenship industry. The rigorous due diligence procedures are what allowed this programme to rank among the world’s most reliable and established citizenship programmes. As an example of this, the regulations do not allow applicants who have been refused a UK visa to apply for the St Kitts and Nevis citizenship programme. 

Another benefit of applying to the St Kitts citizenship through investment programme is that when the applicants receive the St Kitts passport, it remains confidential.

To obtain a St Kitts and Nevis passport, you will need to apply for the citizenship by investment programme through a government-approved and licensed marketing agent like Bluemina Citizenship & Residency. 

Portugal Golden Visa Section

Golden Visas that Lead to Dual Citizenship

Europe is full of business opportunities! Investors and entrepreneurs who obtain a golden visa and European permanent residence can register and operate businesses in Europe and open bank accounts, giving them access to the tax benefits in larger markets, and a more expansive professional network. 

The benefits of establishing a company in Europe will differ for each business owner. Access to strategically important trade routes in Poland or Portugal may be of paramount importance to some. Others may find that paying 0 per cent corporate tax for the first three years of incorporation is such a significant benefit that Ireland becomes the home of their newly formed company. Other non-resident business owners will be swayed by Sweden’s favoured regulations of foreign ownership and business operations, where profits can be freely remitted abroad tax-free.

Investors, families, and high-networth individuals are applying for the Portugal golden visa programme as a pathway to Portuguese dual citizenship. Investors have the choice of applying for citizenship five years after the initial investment is made. In order to gain Portuguese citizenship, investors and their families will need to demonstrate that they have ties to Portugal, pass a general language test, and stay in the country for seven days per year or fourteen days every two years. 

Masters Section

Success Story of Dual Citizenship

Mohammad, a 63-year-old Syrian male living in Dubai, has entered himself and his family in the St Kitts citizenship by investment programme to obtain dual citizenship. He received his second passport from Bluemina’s office in UAE back in 2020. As a result, his son Samer gained access to the best education and was a priority to register at the University of Oxford in the UK. After receiving his master’s degree, Samer was employed at Lloyds Bank in London. 

Another success story that Bluemina had was Rabie, a 55-year-old Lebanese businessman living in Riyadh since 1998. Rabie applied through Bluemina’s Virtual Office earlier this year, as he was interested in getting St Kitts citizenship for himself and his family. After six months, the whole family had received their Saint Kitts passports from Bluemina’s new office in Riyadh. Since then, his two children have begun their educational journey in one of the best universities in Europe. Rabie is now thriving and going back and forth to Greece, as he has expanded his business into Athens. 

Bluemina offices

How to Become a Dual Citizen

If you want to live a freer lifestyle, legally lower your taxes, and protect your wealth, as well as take advantage of global business opportunities, you should definitely consider getting a second passport and citizenship in a legalized way.

To find out which citizenship by investment or permanent residence programme best suits your personal and professional interests, you should first speak with professionals such as Bluemina. Once the application is accepted, the benefits of dual citizenship can be utilised. 

Nonetheless, where you choose to obtain that dual citizenship will depend on your requirements and situation. You could be able to obtain permanent residency in Europe based on your lineage, or you might be able to do so in the Caribbean through citizenship by investment programmes.

If you are interested in getting dual citizenship but aren’t quite sure how to start, visit one of Bluemina’s regional offices located in the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and Palestine, or visit their Virtual Office to start your application to one of their leading citizenship or residence by investment programmes today.  

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