Dov Katz and 2130 Labs are Here to Help You!

Dov Kat

Who is Dov Katz and what does he do?

Dov Katz has a doctorate in Artificial intelligence and Robotics from the UMass Amherst and Carnegie Mellon University.

Dov currently lives in Ramat Hasharon in Israel. He is married and has 3 children and expecting another one. He works in Israel with a start-up company that he leads in the field of herbal medicine/medical equipment. Professionally, he has great experience and knowledge to lead technological teams and companies in the fields of AI, robotics, and computer vision. Dov Katz focuses on the big picture and has the technical capability to descend to the last detail. He enjoys developing teams and helps people to realize their true potential and grow professionally.

What is 2130 Labs and what solutions does it offer to the everyday life of the individual?

2130 Labs focuses to build medical equipment to work with natural extracts. We are in the progress of building a device that appears like an inkjet printer. This device can combine a collection of units of organic materials to deliver customized treatment for every individual. After every use, the device receives the feedback and according to the feedback, our AI adapts the treatment for the next time so that ultimately there is an accurate match for every individual. The device is very similar to Spotify in music, even though it is for the field of mental wellness. We wish to assist people with this device who are suffering from anxiety, overweight, depression, sleep problems, concentration, energy, etc.

Dov Katz has created 2130 Labs with the single vision in mind. Although the organic medicine market is a multibillion-dollar market per year and it acts with good intentions, the application of science and technology is very little. So, our goal is to make the change by focusing on those missing elements, where we use the science and technology and combine them both, by creating a hardware/robot with AI that looks like an inkjet printer, that uses accurate and exact measurements and creates customized solutions to each individual that suffers from the problems we had mentioned above.

Dov Katz what is your goal with 2130 Labs?

Our goal at 2130 Labs is to help people who are suffering from anxiety, sleep problems, depression, overweight, energy, concentration, etc. by using natural medicine, together with scientifical studies and AI that helps create specific solutions for each individual without the use and side effects as well as harm of traditional medicine.

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