Diversity Recruiting: 4 Strategies for Improvement in 2022

Diversity Recruiting

A diverse workforce fosters innovation, creativity, and performance, empowering organizations to succeed amidst adversity. Although companies can train existing employees on diversity and inclusion, a better approach is to devise an effective diversity recruiting program. Here are four diversity recruitment strategies recommended by HireNest that you will want your business to implement this 2022 to improve diversity initiatives and guarantee an inclusive workplace.

1. Audit Job Ads for Diversity Recruiting

Most companies rehash their existing job ads to recruit qualified candidates. Unfortunately, it is not often enough if the organization wants diverse candidates for its future employees. Hence, a cost-effective diversity recruiting strategy will be to review and tweak past job ads to make them more inclusive.

You can omit exclusionary words, such as “freshmen,” “handicapped,” and “man-hours.” Instead, recruiters can use “first-year students,” “people with disabilities,” and “workforce” for these words, respectively.

Recruiters will also want to eliminate racial and gender biases in their ads. You will want to avoid mentioning national origin or race in their recruitment advertisements. A simple phrase such as “strong English communication skills” can deter non-native English speakers yet highly talented candidates from applying.

Diversity recruiting requires companies to open their doors to all talented and qualified job seekers to create an inclusive and diverse team.

2. Target Diversity Recruiting Sources

Organizations must not rely on only a few tried and tested talent pool sources. You must be ready to expand your search for qualified candidates in as many places as possible to increase inclusion and diversity.

One technique you can use is to search for opportunities in areas or spheres where your target candidates congregate. For example, offline and online communities of women in technology can boost your company’s diversity recruiting strategy instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Companies must research different channels that can give them the best results for diversity and inclusion.

3. Leverage Existing Employees for Diversity Recruiting

Recruiters and HR professionals can talk to current employees who might know someone outside the organization with the right qualifications, attitude, and a great fit for the culture of the company. The key here is to leverage employees with contacts with similar backgrounds.

Recruiters can hire a specific set of diverse candidates to improve the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. For example, you can create a candidate referral program for people of color, allowing the organization to increase its diverse workforce. Employees of color can share the job advertisement on their social network, enabling your organization to widen the talent pool of diverse applicants.

This diversity recruiting technique showcases a company’s culture and how it values diverse ideas and backgrounds.

4. Offer Internships to Increase Diversity Recruiting Success

Many businesses have internal diversity and inclusion programs that offer co-op positions and internships to job candidates from diverse backgrounds. It would be wise to adhere to a similar diversity recruiting technique if a company envisions a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Companies can partner with local community groups and higher institutions of learning to identify opportunities for engaging and connecting with students. Recruiters must not underestimate the value of community organizations because they have meaningful programs for the youth, encouraging their growth. Collaborating with these groups allows the company to benefit from diverse talent while giving back to the community.

The best part about this diversity recruitment strategy is the company can choose to employ the best talents for the job and improve its diversity and inclusion initiatives.


Companies that want to improve their diversity recruiting this 2022 and beyond can adhere to these four simple yet proven strategies. You have all the tools you need to create a diverse team and ensure success for your organization. Learn more, in greater detail, about how to implement these diversity and inclusion recruitment techniques in your business.

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