The Best 8 International Dating Sites For Marriage Online

The Best 8 International Dating Sites For Marriage Online

Did you know that about 10,000 marriages per year in the US are between mail order brides and their Western husbands? The rising popularity of dating apps for marriage attracts more people, enhancing their chances of finding soulmates online. Yet, having a wide choice of platforms might be overwhelming because it’s hard to select one site when there are thousands of them. So, this article is here to help you out and explain how to opt for the top online dating website and offer some examples!

8 best dating sites for marriage

Name of the site❤️ Special offer🔥
JollyRomance First payment for 20 credits for $2.99 only
EasternHoneys Only $2.99 for 20 first credits
La Date First 20 credits for $2.99 instead of $9.99
UkraineBride4you $3.99 for 2 first credits
LoveFort 20 credits for $2.99 after 1st payment
BravoDate First 20 credits for $2.99 (instead of $9.99)
The Lucky Date $2.99 for first 2,000 credits
AmourFactory 20 credits after 1st payment for $2.99

1. JollyRomance 💍

This is one of the top-rated platforms for finding Slavic women for romantic relationships. The site is known for having a quick sign up process and a high number of potential matches. It has various search filters that allow online daters to spot a life partner who will have all the preferred traits and match their expectations. What makes JollyRomance a successful dating site is that women registered there have detailed profiles that include a lot of photos and background information, which makes it easier to understand whether a specific lady has something in common with you.

This is a paid dating site, so you can expect the following prices for credit packages:

  • $9.99—20 credits
  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits

Also, JollyRomance has a free version, allowing its users to test out the available features before paying for the credits.

2. EasternHoneys ❤️

Being among the top dating sites, EasternHoneys has a broad female audience of mainly Asian women from different locations. The platform is a top choice for those looking for a romantic relationship and who want to get a positive experience after using such a site. There are numbers of potential matches who have detailed profiles, which makes it easier for men to spot ladies who match their tastes. It’s possible to request personal contacts and organize a real-life meeting with your lover.

The free version of the site allows you to look through users’ profiles, watch live streams, and send winks, to name a few, but the dating process will be more enjoyable if you use paid services. These are the prices for the credits:

  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits

Thanks to having about a million users who are dating-minded, EasternHoneys have various success stories, so don’t hesitate to try it out!

3. La Date 💋

One of the sought-after American dating sites for casual dating, LaDate has over 1,500,000 visits per month and thousands of high-quality profiles of Latina women. Those who purchase credits get access to a variety of premium services, such as sending gifts or requesting womens’ personal contacts. Users are asked to answer several questions during the registration process to increase their chances of finding ladies who match their preferences. Also, search filters make it easier to find someone to marry online because you can specify the traits you’re looking for.

Speaking of prices, it’s an affordable site for finding a potential partner because you can expect to pay the following sums for credits:

  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits

If you’re looking for a romantic relationship, LaDate is the place you need to check out.

4. UkraineBride4you ❤️‍🔥

UkraineBride4you is considered one of the most successful dating sites for marriage thanks to having a large list of potential matches from Ukraine who are ready to develop serious relationships with foreign men. The site has a number of communication tools, including video calls and chats, which are practical when you want to get to know each other better. When sending your first message to the lady you’ve fancied, you can be confident because you’ll already know what to expect from her and what interests she has. The site offers to send virtual and real gifts, which are perfect for proving your feelings with actions.

You can use a free version of this exceptional dating site, but it’s always a good idea to purchase credits to leverage all the services. The prices are the following:

  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits

The chances are high that you’ll meet your future spouse at UkraineBride4you, so don’t think for too long and send that first message!

5. LoveFort 🔥

This dating app for romantic relationships can help you get your own success story because it boasts a lot of couples who met online thanks to using its services. LoveFort is an excellent site for finding a Latina woman thanks to its intuitive design, a friendly support team, and well-thought-out communication services. If you’re fond of dating-minded women from Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and other Latin American countries, you’re likely to run into your potential partner on this platform. You can select the desired personality traits of the woman of your dreams by using the available search parameters to take advantage of the site’s services.

LoveFort has affordable prices, and the costs of credit packages are the following:

  • $9.99—20 credits
  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits

The platform is included in the list of serious dating sites for casual relationships for a bunch of reasons, so you won’t regret using its services!

6. TheLuckyDate 💎

When looking for an outstanding dating site with Asian women who are ready to establish romantic connections, pay attention to TheLuckyDate. The platform is often pointed out by dating experts thanks to its extensive user database, well-structured profiles that include a lot of background information, and useful communication tools that allow finding a compatible partner without investing a lot of time in that. It aims to be free from fake profiles by checking its users and making them upload photos and add facts about themselves. All the new users are offered to get their first credits for a lower price and can fill an in-depth questionnaire to make the search results more accurate.

TheLuckyDate will help you find the right person without charging you a fortune because it has affordable rates, namely, the following:

  • $9.99—2,000 credits
  • $19.99—5,000 credits
  • $149.99—75,000 credits

This is an affordable online dating website that can help you establish a romantic relationship, so consider giving it a try!

7. BravoDate 🎀

This platform is often referred to as the best dating site for finding ladies because it has an extensive database of Slavic women and offers an abundance of communication features that make it easier to spot a soulmate. Users like the fact that they get 20 credits for a lower price after the registration because it allows them to explore what the platform has to offer. This online dating site has a convenient interface and a lot of messaging tools, which are practical when you’re trying to establish communication with ladies. Apart from this, you can also make an appointment request or send gifts to your soulmate, which is a great way to show how you feel about her.

Speaking of the prices for credits on this online dating website, these are the following:

  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits
  • $149.99—750 credits

BravoDate is a site where you can find ladies for dating who’ll match your taste and boast the qualities you value.

8. AmourFactory 🔆

If you’re looking for top dating sites for relationships with Slavic women, AmourFactory is the platform you need. It has a lot of examples of happy couples who met each other thanks to its well-thought-out communication services and detailed profiles. The site offers to send virtual and real gifts, exchange photos and videos, and make requests for offline meetings. You can easily organize your first date in real life after communicating with a girl for a while because the platform will help you get the best possible experience. When registering on the platform, you’ll need to complete a personality test with about 13 questions aimed at finding a compatible partner for you among other users.

It can also be referred to as the best site for casual dating for those looking for affordable prices because the costs for the credit packages on the site are the following:

  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits

AmourFactory is a notable site for starting your online dating journey, so don’t hesitate to embark on it and see where it leads you!online marriage dating sites in 2023

How to find someone to marry you

If you’re a man looking for marriage and don’t know where to start, consider joining an online dating site because it’s the most convenient, time-effective, and affordable option that will help you meet a marriage-minded woman without experiencing too much stress. These are some tips that will help you meet a soulmate online:

  1. Create an attractive dating profile. Adding photos and describing what kind of person you are can significantly increase your chances of meeting a woman who’ll become your perfect match.
  2. Don’t hesitate to take the first step. Send the first message if you like the woman’s profile to get to know her better.
  3. Look for something you have in common. It’s much easier to create a connection if you have similar interests and values.
  4. Invest time in developing your communication. If you understand that the selected woman has all the traits you find important, make sure to spend more time chatting with her.
  5. Offer to meet offline. A real-life date will help you get closer and understand if you see a future together.
  6. Take your relationship to the next level. If you feel that the woman you’re in a relationship with is the one, offer her to tie the knot.

How successful are sites for marriage

There are thousands of people looking for marriage partners online, implying that the probability of finding your soulmate online is rather high. The average age of women looking for partners on specialized platforms is between 20 and 50, while men are about 35 to 65 years old.

Over 80% of marriages with mail order brides last over a year, which proves the effectiveness of finding a woman based on your preferences and similar interests. Besides, leveraging the best dating apps for marriage is likely to provide a more enjoyable experience compared to offline dating because it’s less stressful and anxiety-provoking.matrimonial dating site for marriage in 2023

Online dating marriage statistics

The average age of ladies on dating apps varies from 20 to 50+, implying there are women for any tastes and preferences. The success rates of American dating sites for marriage keep increasing every year, and the number of users on such platforms is expected to grow by 280 million in 2024. About 3/4 of online dating users are ready for serious relationships, which makes them opt for marriage dating sites instead of regular platforms.

The Philippines is the most popular destination for finding mail order brides, followed by several Asian, Latin American, and Eastern European countries. About 16,000 marriages between American men and foreign women take place in the US alone.

Users reviews

reviews of user of dating sites for marriage in 2023

What kind of women use online dating sites for marriage?

Although each woman has specific reasons for looking for a partner online, there are several characteristics that make such ladies stand out, including the following:

  1. They’re marriage-minded and ready for commitments.
  2. Mail order brides are loyal and know what they want to have in successful relationships.
  3. Foreign women for marriage focus on their husbands without paying attention to other men.
  4. Women at the best apps for marriage are emotionally-mature, and men feel calm and loved around them.
  5. They’re affectionate and supportive.

What nationality of a woman to choose and what site to use?

When deciding about the woman’s nationality, you’d want to pay attention to the most successful dating apps for marriage and on what regions they’re focused.

The three most popular nationalities are European, Asian, and Latin because ladies from these regions are ready for long term relationships with foreigners and are mentally mature:

  • The region has one of the top-rated selections of dating sites ready for marriage, and it’s easy to find a common language with local women because they’re open-minded, laid-back, and caring. You can opt for UkraineBride4you to find gorgeous Ukrainian women for marriage.
  • It’s easy to find the best app for marriage in this region because a lot of Asian women have Westernized values and views, looking for foreign men. One of the sought-after platforms you can use is EasternHoneys.
  • Latin America. Some of the best dating websites for marriage focus on Latin ladies because they’re popular among American men. You can opt for La Date to spot a woman from this region.

best dating sites for marriage online in 2023

Things to talk about when you’re dating for marriage

When using an app to marry people and trying to establish a connection with the woman you fancy, make sure to use the following list to make your conversations flow:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What is your dream job?
  • What is the best place you’ve ever visited?
  • Where else do you consider living?
  • What’s your social life like?
  • What do you value the most in people?


What is the best dating site for marriage?

There are several dating apps and sites you can use to meet the woman of your dreams. The best tip is to select the platform based on the nationality you prefer. For example, if you like European ladies, opt for JollyRomance, BravoDate, UkraineBride4you, or AmourFactory. In case you’re more attracted to Asian girls, consider EasternHoneys or TheLuckyDate. And if you fancy Latin ladies, La Date or BravoDate will be the go-to options for you.

Which online dating site has the highest success rate for marriage?

JollyRomanсe, EasternHoneys, and La Date are among the most successful platforms in their niches. They have a lot of success stories and positive reviews, so you can confidently choose one of them.

What dating site has the most marriages?

Ukrainian women are sought-after among Western men, so UkraineBride4you has a lot of users who are lucky enough to tie the knot with their soulmates. Another platform is La Date because it has a slew of communication features that allow users to get to know each other and build serious relationships that lead to marriages.

Are there free marriage minded dating sites?

Most of the mentioned sites are paid because that’s how you know you’ll get high-quality features. However, some of them have free options you can try out before purchasing credits to understand whether you like the offered services.

How to find your wife on dating sites?

The best way to find a soulmate on dating apps is to have an attractive profile with several photos and background information. Make sure to reach out to ladies and try building deep connections with them until you find the one who makes your heart beat faster.

Most successful dating apps for marriage

The best sites❤️ Why choose it?🔥
JollyRomance Slavic women + large user database
BravoDate Eastern European ladies + effective tools
EasternHoneys Asian ladies + detailed profiles
La Date Latin women + over 1m visits per month
UkraineBride4you Ukrainian ladies + their serious intentions
LoveFort Latina girls + affordable prices
TheLuckyDate Asian beauties + many communication options
AmourFactory Slavic women + 20 free credits after registration

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