Dating Filipino Women: How to Meet Women From The Philippines?

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With over 4 million Filipinos in the US, 6,000 Americans still sought Filipino women abroad to become their wives, and that’s in 2022 alone. If you’re enamored with an image of a beautiful, modest, and respectful Filipino girl and see her as your perfect partner, this guide is for you.

We cover everything from ethnic stereotypes to dating dos and don’ts and everything in between.

Female population 53.65M
Best sites to meet Filipino women SakuraDate, EasternHoneys, TheLuckyDate
Popular cities to meet Filipino women Manila, Cebu, Quezon, Davao
How to win their heart         
  • Weave compliments into conversations
  • Smile and be positive
  • Be a gentleman and cover the bill
  • Respect religious and cultural norms

Choosing the right approach to date Filipino women: 4 best ways

Whether you wish to date or marry a Filipina woman, there are multiple ways to go about it. Let’s go over your options that should fit any timeframe and budget.

1. Online dating: Find potential matches fast

Just like the rest of the world, the Philippines saw the rise of Filipino dating sites. In 2022, 42% of the Filipinos reported using dating apps within the past 12 months.

Mainstream dating sites and apps are exceedingly popular in the Philippines, but they aren’t suited to international relationships. Instead, we recommend using niche dating apps designed to help Western men meet Filipino women online. Such platforms usually come with strong security and a diverse communication toolset with multiple real-time options, including video calls.

🇵🇭 5 Best Dating Websites to Meet Filipino Women 🇵🇭

Based on their features and reputation, we suggest trying the following dating sites:

  1. SakuraDate — best for courting and developing strong relationships through video messages and gift exchange
  2. EasternHoneys — best for social media lovers who enjoy scrolling through feeds and watching live streams
  3. OrchidRomance — best for low-stakes flirting and discovering the potential of relationships with Filipino women
  4. TheLuckyDate — best for getting into the online dating game and finding potential partners ASAP
  5. AsiaCharm — best for finding potential matches through search, feed scrolling, and swiping


Dating a Philippines girl online is the easiest and most convenient way, as you save on international travel and get instant access to thousands of profiles of single girls eager to date foreigners. Besides, you can combine online dating with other approaches on our list to maximize your chances of success.

On the other hand, the time difference of 12 hours makes online dating problematic, and so does the absence of video call options on some platforms.

Moreover, despite the rigorous security measures in place, no dating site is 100% free of fake profiles and scammers. Hence, you need to be on your guard and remember basic online safety precautions.

2. Traveling to the Philippines: Spice up your vacation with romance

Although there are dozens of excellent destinations for a relaxing retreat in the Philippines, these three cities offer the highest likelihood of finding a suitable Philippines girl for marriage.

  • The capital is not only the perfect place to explore Filipino history and culture, but it’s also a vibrant nightlife hub. You can combine discovering all the aspects of local culture within a day with a gorgeous girl on your arm.
  • As a huge financial and business hub, Cebu is the closest to a European or American metropolitan. As a result, most locals are highly educated professionals and perfect for finding a successful partner.
  • The most populous city in the Philippines attracts plenty of foreigners, so local ladies are used to interacting with Western men. Besides, there are lots of entertainment options, ranging from bars and clubs to galleries and shows.

If you decide to meet Filipino ladies on your overseas vacation, here are some practical tips to consider when planning your trip:

  • Avoid tourist traps that have little to no locals. Instead, research popular places among local professionals and explore them while keeping an eye out for single ladies.
  • Take at least a couple of weeks to find your match. Travel time and getting over the jet lag will take a few days.
  • Do your homework before you travel. Check out the common red flags and risks, preferably based on the locals’ accounts.

The biggest downside of traveling to the Philippines to find your match is the cost and time it takes. As a result, it is a perfect option for those who work remotely or can afford a sabbatical.

3. Social events and gatherings: Discover local Filipino communities

Considering the US Filipino population exceeds 4 million, dating Filipinas is a great alternative to dating apps and traveling abroad. You can research local ethnic communities, cultural exchange centers, and neighborhoods online.

Here are the biggest metropolitan areas that make it easy to find and date a Filipino woman:

  • Los Angeles and San Francisco. Both have over 300K Filipinos, along with plenty of other Asian and Hispanic singles, so you should have no trouble finding dates.
  • New York. If you live on the East Coast, New York is the obvious choice for finding a Filipina girlfriend, whether you choose to wander the streets or head to ethnic communities like Little Manila on Roosevelt Avenue or Jackson Heights and Elmhurst in Queens.
  • Honolulu. Filipinos are the largest foreign ethnic group in Hawaii, surpassing even the Japanese, so you should be able to find Filipino girls to date all across the islands.

Dating Filipino women locally comes with plenty of benefits, though it may also lack the authentic experience of being in a relationship with someone from a foreign culture.

4. Social media: Find dates on Facebook or Instagram

Facebook is the most popular social media in the Philippines, though Instagram and TikTok are also gaining momentum. Therefore, all three are suitable for finding and approaching hot Filipino women.

We suggest you start by following their profiles as well as liking and commenting on their posts. Once you establish your interest, learn if the Filipino chicks you like are single. As long as you’re subtle about it, they won’t find your questioning intrusive. You can initiate courtship once you find a few suitable matches and slowly progress from chatting to video calls, exchanging gifts, etc.

Unfortunately, some Filipino women may consider your advances weird or aggressive, so you need to be extra patient and delicate in your approach. Ultimately, this dating avenue is the least effective and the most time-consuming, even if you can combine it with your daily scrolling sessions.

What are Filipino women like?Filipino Women

❤️ Find Hot Filipino Women Online

It’s impossible to describe 53M+ ladies in a few words. Instead, let us highlight some of the common traits that set them apart from most American and European women. When it comes to their looks, Filipino women characteristics are pretty well-known:

  • Slim, diminutive frames. Filipino models and celebrities aren’t known for their curves, but their tiny frames ignite men’s protective instincts and help males feel strong and powerful.
  • Dark hair and eyes. Coupled with a light complexion, their dark eyes and hair create a striking and memorable contrast.
  • Lasting youth. Much like girls from other Asian countries, Filipino ladies seem to remain forever young, well into their 60s or even 70s, so their partners always have gorgeous wives to show off.

Summarizing national character traits is equally challenging, but we’d like to emphasize a few standout characteristics, such as:

  • For Filipino women, religious beliefs often dictate their daily lives through social expectations and norms, such as traditional gender roles, respect for the elderly, etc.
  • The Philippines is one of the most diverse nations in the world, so acceptance of differences is a crucial part of the local culture, along with warmth and an optimistic outlook.
  • It is uncommon to boast and highlight personal achievements in the Philippines, as the society is collectivistic, and common success and well-being are considered higher values.

As you start dating Filipino women, you will undoubtedly discover more of their unique traits to add to this list and make it complete.

Why dating Filipino women is popular among menFilipino women dating

❤️ Find Real Filipino Women Online

In 2022 alone, over 6,000 Filipino hot women received K-1 fiance visas to come to the US and marry Americans.

Let’s take a closer look at what compels men to date Philippines women:

  • They aren’t corrupted by progressive ideas. Filipina ladies are raised in traditional families, so you won’t face feminist attitudes from them, and there won’t be a constant fight for dominance.
  • They are flexible and easily adjust to new situations. Whenever you decide to make your relationship official, your Filipino girlfriend will slide smoothly into the new role.
  • They are made for lifelong partnerships. Adultery and divorce are abhorrent in the Philippines, so even the girls who date foreigners rarely cheat or consider breaking up families.

And as you get to know Filipino women better, you’ll discover even more traits that make them excellent girlfriends and wives.

5 Interesting facts about Filipino womenFilipino Woman

Before you decide if marrying a Filipina woman is a good idea, here are some surprising and eye-opening facts about their plight in the Philippines.

  • Filipino girls get married early. The mean age at first marriage is 21.3, and the men aren’t far behind, as the average age difference between partners is only around 3 years.
  • Filipinos start families quickly. Giving birth out of wedlock is frowned upon, so many couples get married to avoid social stigma, and the average age at first birth is only 22.3 y.o. for Filipino wives.
  • Big families are the norm. Although the fertility rate has decreased significantly, it still remains relatively high at 2.9 children per woman.
  • Divorce is illegal in the Philippines. Philipina women have been fighting for the right to be free from unhappy marriages for years, yet the Catholic Church opposes the proposed regulations. For now, marriage can only be dissolved via a court-ruled annulment that takes years to process.
  • Most Filipino girls speak English fluently. While the country is home to over 170 languages, locals have the second-highest English proficiency among Asian countries, following Singapore.

As you can see, Filipino girls are very different from Western women in some regards; dating them tends to be a unique experience for most men.

Common stereotypes about Filipino women

The image of the Philippines was damaged in the second half of the 20th century, as wave after wave of work immigrants reached the US and Europe.

As a result, certain misconceptions became ingrained in the minds of Western men, such as:

  • Filipina ladies are easy. Busted: Influenced by the Catholic Church, the Filipino culture is highly conservative, so locals don’t engage in casual sex. Intimacy is usually reserved for people in a serious relationship.
  • Philippine ladies are weak and powerless. Busted: Although local society is pretty patriarchal, older Filipino women are usually the heads of households, distributing the pooled earnings of the whole family.
  • Filipinas are poor and uneducated. Busted: The country doesn’t have the highest education attainment rate, but still, at least one in four Filipinos obtain a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Filipina women are social climbers. Busted: While the society is pretty stratified and women do try to “marry up,” that’s not the only partner criteria for Filipino women.

Even if some of these myths were based on facts a few decades ago, it’s now time to let them go and learn to appreciate the cultural differences and unique traits of Filipino brides.

Dos and don’ts of dating Filipino girls

All the good manners apply to dating a Filipina, but you can win a few extra points if you remember a few simple etiquette rules that are unique to the Philippines.


  • ✅ Be generous with compliments. Compliment the Filipino hospitality, your lady’s English proficiency, her culinary skills, etc.
  • ✅ Ask about her family. Family is very important for Asian women, so your interest will be appreciated, especially if it’s genuine.
  • ✅ Show your respect towards elders. Filipino society is highly hierarchical, and recognizing the value of older people of higher status will show your understanding of the local customs.
  • ✅ Start any conversation with a smile. Filipinos are a joyful and warm nation, so responding to their smiles with one of your own will be much appreciated.
  • ✅ Be a gentleman. Filipino girls appreciate small tokens of affection, like flowers or sweets, and they expect men to cover their bills on dates.


  • ❌ Bring up wages, spending, and standard of living. Socio-economic standing is a touchy subject in the Philippines, so you should avoid it and only address monetary issues if they are brought up by your partner.
  • ❌ Take blunt comments and questions personally. Filipinos don’t consider comments about extra weight or marital status invasive, so you shouldn’t take offense. Express your unwillingness to respond if you don’t feel comfortable answering.
  • ❌ Raise your voice or display anger in public. Attracting negative attention, especially that of older Filipinos, can cause public embarrassment and damage your reputation among them, ruining your chance of winning over Filipino brides.

While this is by no means a defining list of etiquette rules, it will improve your chances of fitting in with the locals and endear you to Pinay women.

Dealing with challenges dating Filipino singles

Dating is always ripe with challenges, and international relationships are doubly so.

But being aware of potential issues can help you resolve them faster, so we prepared a short list of troubles you may run into, such as:

  • Cultural differences. While the language barrier isn’t usually a problem, cultural misunderstandings can occur, especially when it comes to religious beliefs and social mores. If you’re unclear or uncomfortable with any of the local customs, talk it out with your partner and try to find a compromise.
  • Time difference. Although it may not come into play if you’re dating a Filipino woman in the US, online dating can be challenging when you’re dealing with a 12-hour time difference. You’ll need to work around both of your schedules to come up with the best time for real-time chats and video calls; otherwise, your relationship can wither before long.
  • Family dynamics. Filipino society is highly collectivistic, and family plays a critical role in daily life. Many Filipinos heed their parents’ advice when it comes to choosing partners, and their blessing is often important to Filipina girls. To avoid conflict, try to get along with your chosen lady’s family and be prepared to make them a part of your life, even if it’s long-distance.

Open communication and willingness to compromise are integral factors of success in any relationship. So try to remain patient and remember that dating a Filipina woman is worth it in the end.

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This short guide could never encompass everything that makes Filipino women great. Still, we tried to highlight their key values and dispel some of the common misconceptions that plague their perception by the public in the US and the EU.

We encourage you to learn more about this unique nation, its history, culture, and dating practices and put your newfound knowledge to good use as you start dating locally, via Filipino dating sites, or on your international travels.


What are Filipino women like?

As the local population is extremely diverse, Filipina women are exceedingly open and accepting of the differences of foreign men. At the same time, they are respectful and somewhat fatalistic. And they tend to avoid embarrassment at all costs. Family is among their core values, making them perfect wife material.

How to date a Filipino woman?

Dating Filipina women starts with courtship. If the lady is interested, you can negotiate a serious monogamous relationship, which will involve getting to know her family. Serious relationships usually end in marriage over the course of a few months or years.

Do Filipinas make good wives?

Yes, Filipino women make great wives, supportive, warm, and caring. Due to the influence of the Catholic Church, they are also quite conservative and used to the traditional gender roles, which makes them excellent lifelong partners.

How to marry a girl from the Philippines?

After gaining the blessing of her family, you can propose and plan the wedding. Getting your bride a K-1 fiance visa and getting married on US soil is preferable, as marriage is heavily regulated by the Church in the Philippines, and divorce is illegal.

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