Dark Brown Hair Shades for Women

Dark Brown Hair Shades for Women

Dark hair looks great on most skin colors. With dark brown hair, you can choose the darkest shades or a lighter brown dye to make the style more attractive. Add some light to the hairstyle by including babylights or highlights.

Dark chocolates are some old classic colors that will never grow old. Young girls and older women also go for espresso shades and warm gold or red-infused hues. If you have decided to try dark brown hair shades for women, here is a detailed guide of some shades you would want to consider. Take a look.

1. Breast Length Dark Brown Hair

If you want a feminine and beautiful vibe, try this dark brown long hair, accessorized with tortoise shell hair accessories. Adding waves to the style makes it more stylish. It is easy to style because the color resembles that of natural hair.

2. Very Dark Brown Hair

The very dark brown color is not picky with skin tones. The hair is easy to maintain, and when taken care of, it looks very shiny. Use hair treatments and crèmes to keep it healthy. Be picky with the shampoos and ensure your condition after washing.

3. Brown Hair With Lowlights

Women with lighter skin tones look beautiful in this hair hue. According to LoveHairStyles, add caramel highlights to make the style pop and highlight the dark base.

4. Golden Dark Hair

Some women have naturally dark golden hair. You can also get yours dyed in a golden dark color. The color is warm and looks natural.

Dark Brown Hair Shades for Women

5. Dark Brown With Red Highlights

If you have dark brown voluminous, and wavy hair, do not fail to try the red highlights. They will look stunning on your hair type and texture. You can dye the highlighted parts back to brown if you don’t like the results.

6. Dark Ask Color

The dark ash hair color is not commonly worn, making it unique. It fits well with wavy and layered hair, and it looks perfect under the light.

7. Dark Caramel Balayage

Add some medium brown highlight on the shoulder-length hair to make the style pop. The hair is easy to maintain. You can let it fall on your back or hold it up in a bun.

8. Collarbone Length With Dark Brown Ombre

The dark brown ombre has a part of the hair-shaded bronze with a perfect transition of caramel. The hair hue is stunning, and it fits most skin tones.

9. Dark Brown Hair With Silver Highlights

Choose this style for the winter season because it gives winter vibes. Use a curling comb to add some waves to the style. They make it more voluminous, and the silver highlights pop more.

10. A Mixture Of Dark Chocolate And Dark Golden Brown Ombre

Dying your slightly curly hair into these hues makes it stunning. The mahogany rich looks on the golden brown tones make the hairstyle less bulky. The combination of these colors will work perfectly on medium-length hair.

Dark Brown Hair Shades for Women

11. Coffee Brown Medium Hair

We love coffee and there is no doubt about that. What about incorporating this lovely colour into your hair? It sounds good, right? If you have naturally dark brown hair, the coffee brown hue will suit you perfectly. Ask your stylist to give you a favorite flattering cut and wear it with confidence.

12. Red And Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

A combination of red and blonde highlights on dark hair never goes wrong. These colors look perfect on any hair texture and type, and they are not picky with the person’s skin tone.

13. Dark Auburn Brown

The dark auburn brown hair hue is not picky with hair length and type. You can add some curls to the tips to make the style more stunning.

14. Purple Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

Purple highlights are not too bright or too dark on dark brown shades. Mixing the two colors gives a stunning dimension. You can make the dark brown color the base to make the purple strands more visible.

15. Espresso Brown With Caramel Highlights

If you want a simple style that adds a statement, the espresso brown with caramel highlights is the perfect hair color. The light pieces make your medium-length hair more stunning.

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