Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Growing Business

Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Growing Business

By Ryan Beitler

When it comes to the way businesses are organized, things have changed a lot. With the progress of technology, companies are implored to do things differently. The money has shifted towards innovation. The way that businesses operate has been irrevocably altered by the ability to store, analyze, and utilize large sums of data.

Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics have led to all kinds of different solutions and new methods to thrive. One aspect of business and technology that shouldn’t be overlooked is cybersecurity. It’s so vital to protect your network, devices, and data—no matter what kind of business you are. Below are some cybersecurity solutions for your growing business.

Skilled Information Technology (IT) Staff

A central aspect to cybersecurity and ensuring the safety of your company, employees, network, devices, and data is to hire skilled and experienced information technology (IT) staff. IT is one of the most crucial aspects of any business that primarily uses the internet to store information and organize operational details. Whether you are a tech business or just using computers to do office work, experienced IT staff is necessary. You don’t have to hire IT staff full-time. Instead, you can outsource your IT team to a Managed IT Services provider that specializes in the field. No matter how you look at it, you should be working with IT professionals. They should also have a sound understanding of MSP. (What is MSP in cybersecurity?)

Use XDR Tools

XDR is Extended Detection and Response. This refers to a group of tools and resources that are used to focus on the detection of suspicious activities on the network endpoints. These tools unify endpoint detection response and telemetry. These days, there are too many endpoints on networks and so much being stored on Cloud services that the cybersecurity strategy needs to be dynamic and comprehensive. XDR solutions provide detection and quick response capabilities across every data source. It does this by breaking down traditional security silos and trying endpoint network security to the rest of your cybersecurity strategy.

Employ Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is easily one of the most effective tools in technology today. AI is the ability of computers to teach themselves new things. AI can learn new tasks almost instantly. With access to everything on the internet and the ability to consume and analyze files, media, and other forms of digital content, AI learns fast.

One way that AI can be used is to protect your business. AI can be programmed to be on constant alert of malicious online entities like hackers and malware. Whether you are trying to secure your entire network or are primarily focused on storing, organizing, analyzing, and protecting important data, AI is one of the most valuable investments any business can have. Do you want to take your cybersecurity and overall tech situation to the next level? Invest in AI.

Hire Outsourced Cloud Services

Another way to protect your business physically and digitally is to outsource your Cloud services. By hiring Cloud professionals to organize and store your data, you will likely be putting the information and digital files in the right hands. You can also physically keep the data stored on servers that are off-site, offering protection against physical damage that could occur at your office or another site. You won’t have to worry about earthquakes or floods. Valuable information will also be off your network so malicious entities like hackers and malware will have a harder time getting to it.

Use Anti-Malware & Firewall Protection

No matter what kind of business you have, it’s imperative to use anti-malware and firewall protection. Firewall is essential to blocking routine phishing attacks and viruses. Malware can be quite complex. If you aren’t using these basic tools, you are putting your business, its devices, and your employees at risk.

When it comes to cybersecurity solutions, every business needs to have a structured strategy in place. Even if you aren’t in tech, it’s vital to use tech resources in the pursuit of ensuring your company, network, computers, data, and personnel are protected. The dangers online increase every day. Every company should be ready to protect themselves from online attackers and other threats. This is, of course, all the more prevalent if you are in the business of technology but even if you aren’t it’s always necessary to protect your company. 

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