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Account Minimum: $0

Fees: $0 for stock trades 


CrystalsCapitals is a top-rated social trading platform that attracts retail traders and institutional investors. The broker is a relatively new entrant into the industry, but it enjoys a strong market position driven by its client-focused trading practices and policies. CrystalsCapitals ‘s cutting-edge copy trading tools offer hands-on trading experiences for beginner traders and less-experienced investors. 

Besides, the robust product offerings on CrystalsCapitals allow traders and investors more flexibility in pursuing their preferred investment strategies. The broker also allows zero account minimums and no-commissions stock trades with competitive margin interest rates. Nonetheless, educational content is limited, and CrystalsCapitals is not global. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Superior copy trading tools 
  • Excellent trade execution 
  • Robust product offerings 
  • Competitive fees and spreads 
  • Reliable client support 


  • Limited educational resources 
  • CrystalsCapitals is inaccessible in some regions 

Pros Explained 

Superior copy trading tools 

CrystalsCapitals’s copy trading function is accessible across all its desktop, web, and mobile versions. As the name suggests, copy trading allows beginners and less-experienced traders to mirror the trades of other professional investors onto their portfolios. The program offers various analysis tools, calculators, evaluators, and other amenities. 

Excellent trade execution 

CrystalsCapitals leverages a proprietary order routing software that automatically executes trades at the best market prices. 

Robust product offerings 

CrystalsCapitals also doubles up as a multi-asset broker, with a broader selection of conventional assets, new asset classes, and fixed-income investments for different traders and investors. 

Competitive fees and spreads 

CrystalsCapitals charges different commissions and margin interest rates. However, most of its trading and administrative costs are lower than its immediate competitors. 

Reliable client support 

The broker’s clients enjoy 24/7 support via phone, email, and messaging. You can also engage their customer support team via live chats, accessible on all trading platforms. 

Cons Explained 

Limited educational materials 

Although CrystalsCapitals maintains a solid commitment to making online trading easier for investors, they do not provide adequate educational resources. 

CrystalsCapitals is inaccessible in some regions 

CrystalsCapitals currently accepts clients from multiple countries, but their services are not accessible in some regions. 

Trading Experience 

Interested traders and investors can join CrystalsCapitals by creating accounts on its desktop, web, or mobile platforms. The overall user experience is relatively streamlined due to the feature parity across the broker’s trading platforms. The programs offer various pre-built and customizable tools and functionalities for all kinds of traders. 

The copy trading function is one of the key highlights of the trading experience on CrystalsCapitals. It allows copy trading, meaning novices can copy experienced investors’ trades onto their portfolios. Traders who use the copy trading function have access to robust tools and features for analyzing portfolios and evaluating the market conditions before copying them. 

Apart from the copy trading features, CrystalsCapitals also provides several other fundamental and technical tools and resources, including screeners, calculators, charts, research, trading idea generators, price alerts, multi-leg options, and news. The platforms also offer real-time data streaming and similar investment products. 


CrystalsCapitals has constantly added more assets and products to its portfolio, allowing investors and traders more flexibility. It currently boasts a mix of traditional assets, new asset classes, and fixed-income products, attracting retail traders and institutional investors. Their product offerings include. 

  • Long and short stocks 
  • Mutual Funds (More than 10,000)
  • Bonds (Treasury, corporate, municipal, CDs)
  • ETFs 
  • Options 
  • Crypto 
  • Forex 
  • Commodities 


Here is a rundown of the trading and administrative costs on CrystalsCapitals

  • Zero minimum account balance 
  • No-commissions stock trading 
  • No fees for account transfer and inactivity 
  • Free paper checks 
  • Domestic wire transfers attract no commissions’
  • Free trade confirmations

Other fees and spreads still apply on CrystalsCapitals, but the rates are well below the industry average. Check out the complete fee schedule and pricing policies on CrystalsCapitals ‘s website for more information. 

Who is CrystalsCapitals Best For?

CrystalsCapitals boasts a powerful and intuitive copy trading platform, excellent trade execution, robust investment options, competitive fees, and round-the-clock client support. While it is ideal for beginner and casual investors, active traders can also take advantage of CrystalsCapitals ‘s unique perks to maximize the returns on their investments. 

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