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Crashino is one of the world’s leading crypto casino sites specializing in the beloved crypto game of all blockchain enthusiasts Plinko. Recently, Crashino has added many new Provably Fair Plinko Games and increased their total game offering to 7. Now, fans of the TV show called ‘The Price is Right’ can use Crashino to enjoy 7 beautifully designed versions of Plinko game with crypto.

There are 7 Plinko Game Options at Crashino

Plinko Game has become the favorite type of online casino game for all gambling fans who enjoy watching the ever popular TV show ‘The Price is Right’. This American TV Show is live since 1972 and has millions of fans from all over the world. The show includes contestants compete by guessing the prices of merchandise to win cash and prizes. Show also has a famous catchphrase, “Come on down!” 

This TV Show game is now available for all US and Canada based players via crypto casino sites like Crashino. All you have to do is get an anonymous account and transfer your crypto, in order to start playing Plinko.

The Plinko games are very easy to understand, and anyone can start playing them easily with no effort. However, despite their simplicity, these games can also give you a real chance of winning truly massive prizes!

The idea behind crypto Plinko game can be explained easily: choose a multiplier and watch the ball falling to see the winning outcome. Crashino proves that even though all crypto casino games share this same basic idea, they can come in a great variety. Currently, Crashino hosts 7 different plinko games – more than any other crypto casino site!

Crashino features the most vast selection of plinko games, so everyone will find something for themselves. Whether you are a plinko gambling beginner or a veteran ‘The Price is Right’ watcher, Crashino will have something for you.

For example, newcomers to the world of crypto casino games will have a chance to start with BGAMING’s easy to understand Plinko games – one of the most popular plinko game provider ever created, that allows you to play with the original, simple and easy to understand crash experience, with no distractions.

Plinko by Betsolutions is one of the Provably Fair plinko games available at Crashino. It’s a new crypto casino game that’s quickly gaining popularity among plinko game lovers.

Other plinko games available at Crashino are much more colorful and utilize advanced, realistic graphics The perfect example of that is. Plingoball by Evoplay. In this beautifully designed, bikini-themed multiplayer game, the players have a chance to win incredible max wins of  up to 500x!

Crashino also enables you to play Plinko, Plinkx and PlinkoX from Pandora, Popol and Smartsoft Gaming – these three crypto plinko games are some of the most popular and highly esteemed versions of the game ever created. They feature fast-paced gameplay, beautiful graphics and the possibility of winning big prizes.

It’s very important to note that Crashino enables you to try out all of the games without using any real funds, and without even having to sign up and make an account. Because of that, beginners can learn the rules of every game before risking real cryptocurrency, and you also can test all of the games to find the one that you want to play.

New plinko games are being added to Crashino constantly. They are all carefully selected, so you can be absolutely sure that every game you can play at Crashino is of top quality.

About Crashino Crypto Casino and Plinko Gambling Site


Crashino is a next generation crypto gaming site featuring plinko game, crash gambling, classic casino games and sportsbook. The main focus of Crashino is providing crypto-based casino games such as Plinko, Crash, Dice, Mines, Keno and many more – all in a provably fair, anonymous, highly secure and privacy-oriented way.

Crashino believes that all fans of casino games deserve to have their right to privacy and anonymity fully respected. That’s why Crashino allows you to sign up anonymously, and to make secure, instant crypto deposits and withdrawals. Crashino enables you to privately deposit and withdraw many popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Binance Coin (BNB), Dai (DAI), Solana (SOL), Litecoin (LTC), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Tether (USDT) and Tron (TRX).

Another important feature of Crashino is its full dedication to Responsible Gaming. Crashino includes options such as Time-Out that enables the users to take a pause from playing by freezing their accounts for as long as they want.

The games featured at Crashino are Provably Fair, which means that the outcome of every single game that you play can be independently verified. Because of that, you can enjoy playing your favorite casino games without having to worry that the casino site is not being fully honest with you.

Crashino is very convenient, because it includes many different types of products in one place – whether you like plinko games, crash gambling, classic casino games, innovative crypto grash games, or betting on the outcomes of sports events, Crashino will have something for you. Of course, as the name suggests, crash games are the strongest focus at Crashino, and you will never find as many different crash games anywhere else.

If you are based in US, you can always use VPN and change your location to Mexico in order to take full advantage of their plinko and casino game offerings. Crypto transfers will allow you to stay anonymous and play plinko from whereever you are in the world.


Crashino is a major crypto gaming site offering 7 Plinko games at 1 place No other crypto casino on the market provides such an incredibly huge selection of high quality crypto plinko games. But that’s not all – Crashino also enables you to play classic casino games as well as to bet on the outcomes of sports events, all in a provably fair, secure, private and anonymous way.

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