Crossroads Church Shares Five Easy Strategies For Prayer


To pray effectively, you don’t need to be a theologian or an experienced prayer warrior. Crossroads Church knows you just need to follow these five simple steps! Prayer is one of the most potent weapons we have in our spiritual arsenal, and it’s something that everyone can do. These easy tips will help you pray more effectively and get closer to God.

Talk To God Like He Is Your Best Friend

When we think about our relationship with God, we often focus on the formal aspects such as attending religious services, praying, and following religious laws. However, it is also important to remember that God is our friend. The Bible tells us that we should love God with all of our heart and soul (Matthew 22:37-40). When we think of God as our friend, it changes how we interact with Him.

Crossroads Church explains that instead of feeling like we have to put on a façade or act perfectly around Him, we can relax and be ourselves. We can share our joys and sorrows with Him, and He will always be there to listen. One of the best things about having God as a friend is that He always knows what we need even when we don’t. He can help us to find comfort in difficult times and strength when we feel weak. So next time you feel lost or alone, remember that you have a Theophilus in the bible who will always be there for you.

Thank Him For The Good In Your Life

Another way to pray more effectively is to thank God for the good things in your life. It is easy to focus on our problems and forget all the blessings we have been given. However, when we take the time to thank God for His goodness, it changes our perspective and helps us to see the world in a different light.

Instead of feeling like we are struggling alone, we can remember that God is with us, and He has given us everything we need. We can also be thankful for the people in our lives who love and support us. When we focus on what we are grateful for, it helps us to appreciate all that we have been given.

So next time you feel down, take a few moments to thank God for the good things in your life. You may be surprised at how much better you feel when you do.

Ask Him For Guidance And Wisdom

Another important aspect of prayer is asking God for guidance and wisdom. This is especially important when we are facing difficult decisions or uncertain times. When we seek God’s advice, it shows that we trust Him and His plan for our lives.

Crossroads Church says asking for wisdom also shows that we are humble enough to admit that we don’t know everything. We need God’s help to make the right choices, and He will gladly give us the wisdom we need if we ask him by faith.

If you are facing a difficult situation, don’t hesitate to ask God for guidance. He will give you the wisdom you need to make the right decision.

Pour Out Your Heart To Him By Confessing Your Sins

One of the most challenging things to do in prayer is to confess our sins and shortcomings. It can be easy to feel like we have to hide our weaknesses from God, but the truth is that He already knows them.

Moreover, He loves us unconditionally and wants to help us overcome our struggles. When we pour out our hearts to Him by confessing our sins, it opens the door for His forgiveness and grace. We also receive the strength we need to change our behavior and start living according to His will.

Confessing is not easy, but it is an essential part of prayer. Don’t be afraid to confess if you struggle with something in your life. He already knows about it and wants to help you overcome it.

Listen For His Voice In Response

Last, listening for God’s voice in response to our prayers is crucial. This doesn’t mean that we will always hear an audible voice, but He will speak to us somehow.

He might give us peace about a particular decision, or He might provide the answer to a problem we are struggling with. He might also use others to speak to us through their words or actions.

Crossroads Church explains the key is to be open and receptive to whatever way God chooses to communicate with us. We must trust that He will speak to us in His own time and His way. Being open and receptive to His voice is integral to effective prayer.


Prayer is an essential part of the Christian life, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Following these five simple strategies, you can pray more effectively and deepen your relationship with God.

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