Criteria to Look for in a Single Lady to Have Serious Relationships


Are all single girls near me good ones?

Even if a girl is single and beautiful, it is not enough for every normal guy. For example, the fact that she is mean or greedy might change everything and you will never be able to truly love her. Therefore, you would better check the following features and things to keep in mind while selecting the right single country girls.

Criteria to choose one of the local single girls:

Criterion 1. She is truly single.

You would better meet truly single girls because if she is not single, her boyfriend might give you a hard time. Thus, before you invite your charming lady to a date, you would better make sure she is truly single. For instance, if she keeps on calling someone from time to time or writes constantly messages to someone, it means that she is not single and has a boyfriend.

Criterion 2. She is stunning.

Is there anyone who likes to date ugly women even if they are girls that are single? We guess no one will answer this question positively. If a girl takes care of herself and is beautiful, it means that she is ready to find a boyfriend. If she is mature enough to date, why not be her boyfriend, and maybe, even groom?

Criterion 3. She is confident.


You may find single girls wherever you want, however, you should notice whether she is a confident and independent girl. If she is, you would better try to approach her. Note that sometimes your attempts might fail, but it does not mean you should stop because some of the girls might test you whether your motives and intentions are good and serious.

Criterion 4. She is sweet.

You might find cute single girls even in a library in your university, if only you open up your eyes to notice that. If you feel awesome when you see her every time you meet with her, maybe, you would better move on with her and invite her to a cafe or restaurant. If your friends also think that she is cute, you would better hurry up to invite her because they might do it as well.

Criterion 5. She is honest.

Even if you meet many pretty girls who are single, they should be sincere and honest. It does not mean that she must be a straightforward one, but she must tell the truth to you. If you notice that a specific girl lied to someone, she will 99% lie to you as well because she might think that telling lies is a norm. Stay away from women who live a life of constant lying to others.

Criterion 6. She is funny.


There is nothing worse than chatting with single girls who are odd, dull, tedious, and boring. It is always such a pleasure to date a woman who can make you laugh. Indeed, not only men should have a sense of humor, it concerns ladies too. Watch out, however, if she acts like a clown because it might be a sign that she is insane.

Criterion 7. She is interesting.

It is a good sign if the woman is very interested in her life that she does not envy other more successful girls. If you find it interesting to communicate with a specific girl, you are a lucky guy. Interesting people are appealing because they are focused on their own life and create and build it the way they like. Therefore, it is so engaging to talk with single Russian girls because they are interesting personalities.

Criterion 8. She is smart.

Smart women are such a rare phenomenon nowadays, but it does not mean that they do not exist. If she is intelligent, you will always have a topic for discussion and something to have a conversation about. Try to find a smart single girl because life might be very complicated from time to time in your future. Therefore, you will always need someone to give you smart pieces of advice.

Criterion 9. She is a loyal friend.


It is awesome when a girl can be a good friend. To make sure she is a loyal friend, you would better check out the fact of whether she has her best female friends and how she treats and behaves with them. If she loves her friends and can defend them, she might be such a good friend for you.

Criterion 10.  She is kind.

If a charming lady participates in some programs of help to the poor and needy, it is a big plus. It is always advantageous to date someone who is kind and reliable. If she is kind to other people’s children, can you imagine how good a mother she will be with her own ones?

Criterion 11. She loves pets.

An ideal girl must love other creatures as well. If she hates animals and little children, you would better stay away from such a girl, no matter how beautiful she might be. However, if she loves and has a few pets at home, it is a sign that her heart is soft, gentle, and kind.

Criterion 12. She sets boundaries for you.

This criterion supposes her not to allow you to have sex with her before you register your relationships legally. Suppose she is too quick to let you in her bed, your relationships with her will not last for a long time. She must be able to set boundaries if she is a serious girl, meaning, you should avoid kissing and hugging her earlier than both of you are ready.

Criterion 13. She loves you.


The last but not least trait your ideal single girl must have is the ability to love you. Even if she doesn’t like pets or cannot be the best friend but she can and does love you, you would better move on with her and treat her seriously. The loving heart is precious and our congratulations if you love her as well.

Bringing it all together

You see, the most important thing in every relationship with a single girl is her ability to love and care for the partner. You might forgive her everything if you see and feel that she is into you. Try to find a girl that is healed from the wounds of past relationships. To support her, you might encourage her to visit a psychotherapist to help her get healed faster. However, if you have a talent and know-how to help her, you might heal her with your love. It will suppose you show your love to her almost every day.

We recommend that you read the book by Gary Chapman which is called «Five love languages». There, you will find the types of love languages that your partner would understand that you love her. For instance, there are such five love languages as time spent together, touches, gifts, help, and words of praise. If your single lady feels loved when you say kind words to her, you would better keep on praising her with gentle words and compliments. Just figure out her love language and love her this way!

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