Credit Card: Easy Withdrawal From Casinos

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The easiest way to withdrawal from a casino is via credit card. However, not all casinos are capable of such a withdrawal. When registering at an online gambling site, check what methods of money transactions it offers by reading the terms of service.

Look out for casinos that accept credit cards. They are reliable official institutions where you can win and easily deposit and withdraw money by all available methods, including bank cards.

How to link your bank card to your personal casino account

In order to use the casino and make deposits and withdrawals via bank card, you need to link it to your personal account in a few simple steps:

  • log in to your account in your personal account on the site, if you do not have an account – create one;
  • go to the tab called cashier’s drawer;
  • choose among the options available, the VISA icon and click on it;
  • mark the details of your bank card requested by the site;
  • choose and execute the amount of the first deposit by card;
  • to confirm such deposit by means of a sms password.

Funds are usually credited instantly to your personal account. Your card details are saved automatically, so you do not need to enter the information again for subsequent transactions.

How do I withdraw money from a casino to my credit card?

To make your first withdrawal from a gambling site, you should verify your identity. This is required for your own safety and the safety of your personal funds in order to avoid possible fraudulent activity.

For identity verification, the following documents will be requested by the security department of the casino:

  • a scanned copy of your passport: the first page and the page with the registration;
  • Photo of a credit card, made on both sides.

The provision of such documents is necessary for us to compare your personal details from your passport with the information that you have provided in your profile and the details of your credit card. Therefore it is very important to use your personal card, and when registering for a personal profile on the site, provide your real personal details: name, surname, patronymic, year of birth, place of birth.

Such verification usually takes a few hours, in exceptional cases it may take several days.

Once you have successfully verified your identity, you may withdraw the winnings to your bank card.

Term of enrollment of money when you withdraw it to the card directly depends on the speed of the bank’s security service. The term of such withdrawal is usually one to three days.

Pay attention to the currency of the withdrawal. If your casino account is in one currency, but your bank card is in a different currency, the conversion will occur at the exchange rate of your bank on the date of the transfer.

Usually, official casinos, which are licensed to conduct their business, do not charge additional withdrawal fees.

Unlicensed casinos, on the contrary, charge a rather large percentage of withdrawals. Such percentage may even be a quarter of the amount withdrawn! Such casinos may impose other punitive conditions on players: penalties for frequent withdrawals.

So you need to be very careful when choosing a playground, not to get caught up in tricks are not clean in his hand institutions. Before you register at the casino, you should pay attention to the terms of the user agreement, the official license to all games in the institution, as well as carefully read all the reviews about the site.

Official sites with all the necessary documents to conduct their activities, value their customers and reputation, having round-the-clock communication with the players. Usually, there are no withdrawal limits on such platforms, or they are limited to a rather large amount.

Any restrictions on withdrawal and other punitive conditions for players give reason to think about the honesty and transparency of the casino.

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