Common Distractions You Face When Working Remotely And How To Conquer Them

Working Remotely

Work culture has changed all over the world in recent years. Many began working from home for understandable reasons. Some found that remote work is what they needed for the best performance. According to the latest study by Owl Labs, 90% of workers were as productive or more while working remotely in 2021. Despite all its advantages, working from home can be full of distractions, and it might be hard to focus on some days. However, by adopting a few simple habits, you will be able to get your productivity back on track. Here are the most common distractions you face when working remotely and how to avoid them.

Explain To Your Family And Friends That They Cannot Interrupt You

When working from home, you need to set boundaries with your friends and family. Some might find it hard to believe that you really are working and might be tempted to visit you and break your concentration. In that case, you need to communicate clearly and tell them that you are working. Call them after your working hours or plan the meeting for another day. If you have such an issue with family members who live with you, explain to them why you need to focus and tell them when your breaks are. Then, they will know when they can come to talk to you.

Focus On One Task At A Time

Stop working on more tasks at once. It might seem like a good idea, and maybe you think that you could finish your tasks sooner. In reality, you will have a much easier time focusing when you are working only on one task at a time. With better concentration, you will also be able to become more productive during your meetings. You will focus better on what others are saying and improve your input. If you are struggling, companies such as Anchor AI have useful tools that will simplify notetaking. Then, you will be able to concentrate on what is being said and become a part of a successful virtual meeting. Keep your working process simple, and you will find that the day goes by much faster.

Turn Off Your Phone Notifications

It might be tempting to leave your phone on the desk when you are working. There is always the possibility that someone will call you needing something important. However, your phone can light up with hundreds of notifications every day. And when you notice one, unlocking your phone to check what is going on is more than enticing. To avoid the temptation, try to turn off your notifications. If you still have a hard time keeping your hands off the phone, turn off the phone completely or leave it in a different room. When the phone is out of your eyesight, you will no longer feel the need to check what is happening all the time.

Take Regular Breaks

One of the most common drawbacks people mention in connection with remote work is that they work more hours than they would in the office and that disconnecting is hard. Taking regular breaks will help you to escape the blue light of the screen of your computer and find your ground again. Every once in a while, get up from your chair and stretch your legs. You can make yourself a new cup of coffee or start a washing machine. Even such short breaks will help you to regain your focus. Once you return to the desk, you will complete your tasks faster again.

Find A Room Where You Can Focus On Work

Working from home might seem like a good occasion to try working from the comfort of your bed or sofa. However, working like that for longer periods of time would not be good for your posture and concentration. When you have a room or at least a corner that is dedicated to working, your body and mind will understand what you need to do. While working on the sofa or in bed, you might be tempted to turn on your TV or dust the shelves. But with a working desk, it will be much harder for you to find any distractions.

Put In Place A Detailed Schedule

Creating a detailed schedule will help you to give your day a proper structure. Break down every task into smaller ones and write them into your calendar. You should also put into the plan any breaks you would like to take. It will become easier for you to disconnect, and you can produce better ideas. By setting small deadlines during the day, you will be able to avoid many distractions and stay focused on what truly matters. And if you stick to the deadlines you set for yourself during the day, you will find that your work process has become much more productive.

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