Colombian Brides: Where and How To Meet Colombian Mail Order Wife

bride to order from colombia

In the eyes of thousands of Western men, Colombian ladies make ideal wives and mothers. However, there is almost no way to meet Colombian women in the nearest business centre, mall, or beach when you live in the middle of the US.

Where to find Colombian mail order wives and how to achieve maximum success in your search? Visit the following dating platforms to make the dream of 100% troublesome online dating possible.

Best sites to find Colombian women for marriage

TOP Sites Benefits
1 La-Date Quick and easy registration plus an innovative Faces game to discover women.
2 ColombiaLady There is a matching system in place to help you find the right Colombian wife.
3 LoveFort Most female profiles are verified, so you know exactly who you are talking to.
4 LatinWomanLove There are just enough communication features to impress any Colombian lady.
5 LatamDate The profiles are very detailed and so are the search filters, so you can be as precise as you want.
6 LatinBeautyDate Send flowers, sweets, or other gifts to Colombian ladies with a few clicks.

Colombian mail order brides cost

When you are dating local women, you more or less know what to expect in terms of budget. However, dating and marrying a Colombian beauty is a different story. Using matrimonial services and then visiting Colombia to meet your bride in person is always going to cost more than a typical relationship with a local lady.

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It goes without saying that you cannot actually buy yourself a bride, but still, how much does marrying a Colombian woman cost? Here is your approximate budget.

Dating site expenses

Using the best Colombian dating sites like La-Date is never free. You can typically sign up without paying anything, but the sites typically charge you for access to the most critical features, including mail and chat. In some cases, you will need to pay for a premium membership, which includes standard messaging, and then buy additional credits for your account to pay for extra features like video chat. This is how much it typically costs for 1 month:

  • Membership: $10 to $50
  • Credits: $50 to $100
  • Gift delivery service: $100 to $500
  • Translation services: $50

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Travel expenses

A journey to Colombia to meet your future Colombian wife will probably be one of the most exciting adventures you’ll ever take. You will get to see your bride’s natural beauty, olive skin, and colorful clothing in her native tropical climate while also getting to know her and her family members better.

Colombia is not a very expensive country for foreign tourists. However, the important thing to take into account here is that you will be paying for some aspects of your trip to Colombia, such as plane tickets and hotel room, for one, you will pay for meals, entertainment, and transportation for two since you will be going on a lot of dates.

This is what an average budget for a 2-week stay in Colombia looks like:

  • Plane tickets: $600
  • Accommodations: $500
  • Food: $400
  • Transportation: $200
  • Entertainment: $300

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The important fact about these trips is that everyone’s budget is different and depends on numerous factors, including the bride’s age: younger age of local girls in Colombia means they don’t mind hanging out in a park or in a bar, while Colombian women in their 30s may prefer a fancier date.

Still, the average budget for 12 months of using dating platforms such as ColombiaLady and then spending 14 days in Colombia with your Colombian bride is between $2,500 and $4,500.

between $2,500 and $4,500

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Colombian mail order marriage statistics

When it comes to the most popular South American brides by country, Colombian girls regularly take one of the top 5 spots among US men. Here are more facts about those unions.

How common is it for Western men to date Colombian girls?

While it’s downright impossible to calculate the exact number of US gentlemen who are married to Colombian brides, marriages between Caucasian and Hispanic individuals are on the rise right now and make up 38% of all intermarriages in the United States.

Do marriages to Colombian mail order brides usually work?

As you can easily guess, no one can give any guarantees that your marriage to a Colombian woman will work. However, mail order marriage statistics as a whole look pretty promising. 80% of them last more than a year, and with a bit of luck and some work from both parties, your marriage can go one for way more than that.

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When does a typical Colombian woman want to get married?

Many of us are used to thinking about Latin American women as women who get married at a very young age. And this stereotype is somewhat true in the case of Colombian brides. On average, a Colombian girl is 22.3 years old when she gets married, which is rather young even by Latin American standards.

Is it true that Colombian brides are significantly younger than their husbands?

One of the most persistent stereotypes about foreign brides in general and Colombian mail order brides in particular is that they tend to be very young compared to their husbands. There is definitely some truth to the rumors that Colombian women prefer slightly older men, but the age difference is not that staggering. On average, a Colombian woman is just 1 to 6 years younger than her spouse.

younger than her spouse

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How to find a Colombian bride

Unfortunately, there is no Colombian wife finder that you could pay to connect you with the most suitable Colombian beauties. You can get some help online, but you will need to do most of the work yourself. Here is how to do it.

How to find the right dating site for you

There are now dozens of sites that offer matrimonial services for men who want to date and marry a Colombian woman. Many of them such as LoveFort (read full LoveFort review) can make big promises, but you shouldn’t just accept them at face value.

The most effective way to find a site that fits your needs is to use recommendations. They can come either from someone who has already used those sites before, met Colombian brides, and was happy with the outcome, or from a blog or review site you fully trust.

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How to create an account and start the search

Signing up on a site to meet single Colombian women is no more difficult than doing the same with Western women. With most sites, registration will only take you between 5 and 10 minutes. These are the steps you’ll need to take before you can meet Colombian bride:

  1. Fill out the registration form.
  2. Choose a strong password that is not easy to guess.
  3. Submit your registration information.
  4. Confirm your registration by following the link from your email.
  5. Complete your profile by answering more questions about yourself.
  6. Add a profile photo to make yourself more visible.
  7. Choose the type of membership you want.
  8. Make sure you have enough credits for communication.

Make sure you have enough credits for communication

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How to look for a mail order bride from Colombia

Most Colombian women are pretty active on dating services and often reach out to men they like. However, you shouldn’t wait for the single women of Colombia to contact you, as the best ones are usually the first ones to go. Here is how to find Colombian women for marriage online:

  1. Use every site feature. Filter the brides by country, age, language, appearance, personality traits, and other qualities.
  2. Review your matches. Some sites have a matching algorithm that suggests not only mail order brides by country, but also by other, more important factors.
  3. Find a creative way to reach out. Don’t just send an emoji or a meaningless phrase like “Hi” followed by nothing to Colombian brides.
  4. Keep your options broad. When you are only getting to know Colombian mail order brides, keep from making any promises and communicate with several of them at once.
  5. Make every message count. Talking about sweet nothings for months will do nothing for your future marriage. Your communication with mail order brides has to be meaningful.

Are Colombian mail order brides legal?

The specifics of marriage between American women and Western men seem very straightforward, whereas mail order marriages are often somewhat of a mystery in the US. There are even many people who mistakenly believe that marriages to Latin American brides are illegal or only legal under a whole list of conditions.

The reality is different. Yes, there was a time when Western men married women from around the world, including Latin America, in ways that were not fully legal. The good news is that those marriages are a thing of the past. These days, you can marry a woman from South America or another part of the world nearly as easily as one of the American women. There are only a few things you need to know.

things you need to know

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Due to the history of foreign brides in America, as well as the need to protect women in an international marriage, there is now a string of legal documents that cover every aspect of those unions. The two most important documents are the IMBRA, or International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, and VAWA, or Violence Against Women Act. You will need to research both of those documents before you decide to marry a beautiful Latin woman.

How to legally marry a Colombian girl

Marriages between Colombian wives and American gentlemen are very popular right now: there were 1,014 of them in 2019 and 470 of them last year. And the best news is that you can achieve the same!

After you’ve done your research and after you find Colombian wife, you now need to make the whole thing perfectly legal. The most popular option for American men to marry women from Colombia is to do it with the help of a K-1 visa. It was designed specifically for American guys whose dream is marrying a Colombian lady or a woman from related countries.

You will need to file for this visa while your bride is still in Colombia. Along with the mandatory paperwork such as Form DS-160 and a completed medical exam, you will also need to supply proof that you and your bride have met in person at least once before deciding to get married.

Once you have the visa, you can finally invite your Colombian beauty into your own country, where you will have 90 days to get married.

How to write a dating profile to meet Colombian girl

What is a dating profile that will impress Colombian brides you meet online? Here are a few ways to captivate Colombian girls from the start with the help of your profile.

start with the help of your profile

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Dating profile headlines

The first line of your profile helps Colombian brides decide whether they want to open your complete profile. Opt for something special like “Looking for a friend, a lover, a partner in crime” rather than “35 y.o. man looking for Colombian women to marry.”

Dating profile bio

An ideal dating profile bio needs to walk the fine line between attracting the interest of Colombian brides while making them want to know more. “Less is more” is a good strategy, but don’t go overboard and leave your profile half-empty.

Make sure to include information on the kind of relationship you want and who you want to meet — that way, you’ll help mail order brides save time but make the right type of Colombian girls reach out to you.

Dating profile examples

Seeing dating profile examples will help you understand better how to write a profile that will attract women to you. Let’s look at the first example. The person took the time to fill out some of the fields but then quit mid-way, which is not usually a sign that he takes his experience seriously. Women can always feel that.

Women can always feel that

The next gentleman clearly has invested more effort into his profile. His profile doesn’t contain too many words, but it tells prospective matches just enough about him and his dating goals and tastes to give the female visitors of the profile some clarity.

of the profile some clarity

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How to talk to Colombian girls

So how to treat Colombian brides at the beginning of your relationship to make it successful? Here are 5 tips on how to talk to women from Colombia, both online and offline:

  1. Let her know you’re only talking to her. Don’t mention other women even in passing, even in a non-romantic context.
  2. Don’t just focus on her beauty. You can talk about her sensual body complexion or natural grace, but pay attention to other qualities as well.
  3. Find your shared interests. Even though you and Colombian brides have grown in different parts of the world, you should still find everything you have in common.
  4. Show your superiority over local guys. Prove that you are more understanding, generous, loyal, trustworthy, and ambitious than most Colombian men.
  5. Demonstrate your readiness for the future. Talk about the kind of future you want with your Colombian bride.
  6. Be confident but don’t put any pressure. Women from Colombia like confident and strong men, that’s true. So you can and sometimes even should take the lead, but try not to confuse it with rudeness and ignorance of personal borders.

All in all, women on Colombian dating platforms don’t expect anything extraordinary from you. It’s crucially important to remember that. They’re not looking for a benefactor, so don’t try to attract her with money. They’re not looking for womanizers, so don’t try to attract them with your popularity and seduction skills. They’re looking for a good man to start a relationship with, and if you show them you might be the one, you’ll definitely make a good impression.

Online dating conversation starters

Whether you have a lot of internet dating experience or very little of it, starting a new chapter can be intimidating, especially when you’re dealing with Colombian girls. The first message you send to a Colombian mail order bride matters a lot, and here are 5 online dating conversation starters for your inspiration:

  • What is the first destination we should visit together?
  • I don’t think Titanic is a good movie. What is a controversial pop culture opinion that you have?
  • Let’s play two truths and a lie. You start!
  • I make a killer pizza and I can’t wait to cook it for you.
  • I was ready to give up on love, but then I saw you!

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Also, there are a few basic rules to follow. The first is the most surprising one. Did you know that users who send messages that start with some standard greetings like “Hi” have a much lower response rate compared to users who start with a more customized, informal greeting? Also, the entire “How are you?” phrase is not the best conversation starter either. If you can’t come up with a good idea, rely on the information on a woman’s profile—that’s how you can show genuine interest and make a good impression immediately.

good impression immediately

Red flags in a relationship with a Colombian bride

When you finally meet a Colombian mail order bride you can see as your life partner, you naturally want a perfect serious relationship. And in most cases, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you meet Colombian singles.

However, those relationships don’t always work the way you want them to. These are the 5 signs that your personal life has taken a wrong turn.

She doesn’t ask questions

Women in Colombia are not some reserved, cold ladies. They want to know everything about their future foreign husband, which is why they ask lots of questions about every aspect of your life before you meet them. When there is an absence of questions, it means there is also no interest. By the way, if she asks questions all the time, without telling anything about herself, that may be a red flag, too. The thing is there are scammers that want you to pay for messaging, making you reply to them over and over again—if you notice this, it’s a good reason to stop communicating with this person.

She doesn’t initiate things

Even though Colombian beauties have pretty traditional values, they see no problem with asking someone out, especially in a steady relationship. If you are the only one initiating contact, it may be a sign that you are the only interested party in your relationship.

She is only talking about general topics

When Colombian ladies are in love with someone, they won’t hesitate to let him know their personality and background. They will talk about anything, from their Colombian families to what they fear the most in life. When a woman does not want to open up, she may be holding back.

She does not discuss the future with you

When you date a Colombian woman, you should know that she wants nothing but serious relationships and subsequent marriage. A bride who takes you seriously will always want to discuss your future life together at any given moment. Note that this is the case only if you were trying to talk about a relationship at least once—some women from Colombia are pretty conservative when it comes to gender roles.

Things are moving too fast

On the other hand, when your Colombian woman insists on getting married right away without getting to know each other well, it may be a sign that she’s not so much interested in you as in an opportunity to marry any of the foreign men and move abroad. Also, in some cases, it just means that a scammer wants to gain your trust and make you fall in love faster.

trust and make you fall in love faster

How to avoid scam

Dating online is not a brand new concept. It has been around for at least two decades, and the industry has only grown since the whole online dating date has started.

However, while dating sites have given men and women from all over the world an opportunity to meet and communicate in a safe and convenient environment, it has also become known for something called romance scam.

Whether you love dating and believe you know everything about it, or you are fairly new to it and want to have the safest experience possible, here are the 3 most effective ways to protect yourself against dating site scam.

Research dating agencies

Not all Colombian dating sites are created equal. Some of them are genuinely thinking about your success while others only want to make a profit. This is why they may have different attitudes towards member security.

You definitely need to do some prior research before joining any service to make sure it hasn’t been involved in major security controversies and hasn’t been the ground for romance scam in the past.

Verify the authenticity of a profile

We’ve already talked about the fact that the best Colombian dating sites usually have profile verification systems for women, but they are not always mandatory. You shouldn’t disregard gorgeous Colombian women just because they don’t have the coveted green mark on their profiles.

Still, you also need to make sure the profile looks genuine: for example, that it has more than 1 photo and that the information on the profile is detailed enough.

Look out for red flags

Earlier in this article, we’ve listed some of the most common red flags in dating a Colombian woman, but they mostly work with offline dating. And while you are still communicating online, there are a few other red flags to watch out for.

For example, when the woman is constantly mentioning troubles with her health, family or security, and says that the only way to resolve them is with money, you can consider it to be a red flag. Generally, any attempt to get you to send money or to get your sensitive and financial information is a big red flag.

To sum up

Whether you have been thinking about hot Colombian women for years or you are now just considering joining thousands of foreign men who get Colombian wives, there is an easy and stress-free way to do it.

A Colombian mail order bride can become your loving wife and the best mother to your kids you could ever dream of. And with our online dating tips and Colombian dating sites recommendations, you can start dating Colombian brides in no time!

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