CMCBits – The Future of the Trading System?


Trade is a generational profession. It has its roots in the entire world’s economy with billions of people taking part in trade every single day. However, the trading system being discussed here is one that more or less upholds the entire financial system that ensures a secure and smooth transition of economic power from region to region. In the past, trading was considered a privilege and not many people had the luxury to take part in the trading system. This meant that a handful of people who had the capital to invest in tradable assets were able to take advantage of the rapid modernization that was spreading across the world.

Trade has taken a step up since then with the advent of the internet introducing new infrastructure based on which the current trading system is based. Online trading has swept the world and has spread out completely in almost every trading institution in the world. Any market that introduces a new system needs to have access to the free trade marketplace which is essential for any trading platform. Having access to the market is the thing that matters most which is the basic requirement of all trading platforms. However, extra features that complement the necessities define a trading platform and how it treats its general user base.

Not all trading platforms are kind enough to offer extra features over the basic requirements to be considered a trading platform. This CMCBits review is to cover the fact that not all trading platforms operate on the same grounds as the average platform. There are thousands of online trading platforms but only a few go above and beyond to facilitate their user base. CMCBits was one of them when I found it during my quest to find the perfect trading platform.

Finding the right one for you

Every trader has their priorities when it comes to trading in the open market. Some choose their platform based on the type of asset they want to trade with while others prefer more accessibility instead of having access to every trading tool.

It all depends on what a trader needs for themselves and that is all that matters. I was looking for specific tradable assets that weren’t available on all trading platforms which is why I spent a good amount of time going through dozens of trading platforms to find the best platform that fulfills every necessity I required.

I went through a lot of troubles in my journey to finding the best case for my trading business. What I found was that while there is no perfect trading platform, there are platforms that provide a wide array of options to all their users. Options are what are key here. Not everyone can afford every single trading tool available on the platform but have the choice, later on, to opt for a quality trading account that covers everything.

A beginner isn’t going to go for the all-in-one package. I didn’t go for the all-in-one package when I first started my career as a full-time trader. I understood that I was not on the level of using the professional tools offered in higher accounts so I made a strategy to go start small and slowly make my way up to the top. Today, I am a professional trader but I started as a new beginner.


Features to look out for

For a beginner, it can be really difficult to figure out which feature best suits one’s needs. Trading is one of the most diverse professions. It has its connections in practically everything and since no person can handle every single aspect of trading, it is best to have a common perspective and focus on a specific point in the beginning.

Similarly, for new traders, it is best to go for the started packs instead of getting the entire plethora of tools available on the platform.

Support team

One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the trading platforms on the internet mislead beginners and convince them into purchasing the high-end accounts that require a lot of experience to handle. It is a better option to simply have access to basic options that allow a beginner trader to test out their skills before going into the real world.

For this purpose, it is best to contact the support team to get a better sense of the platform’s mission. That’s exactly what I did for the CMCBits review as I was skeptical at first about why they would offer beginner accounts when a majority of the other platforms I had tested out didn’t even consider allowing it to be an option for me.

I remember having issues signing up because I didn’t know what information to enter into the account details. The customer support team was kind enough to not only walk me through it but also direct me to the FAQ sections if I needed any other assistance. This goes to show that there are platforms out there like CMCBits that are genuinely trying to service their users to get the best results.

Do assets matter as much as everything else?


Tradable assets are the backbone of any trading platform. Traditional trading platforms used to have entire brokers dedicated to a single asset as the mere existence of an asset was the economic power traders utilized to get ahead. Traditional systems however were lacking one crucial structure that didn’t allow them to interconnect with other trading platforms and that was the ability to communicate with the markets in real-time. There were always delays that made it so much difficult to predict which asset to trade with.

CMCBits goes around this system by allowing users to simply have separate functions for their assets. This way users can utilize their assets much more efficiently while also ensuring continuous support throughout the markets.

Now the assets portfolio of CMCBits is wide, to say the least. The platform offers access to commodities, company stock, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and oil products. Considering the current state f the markets, crypto has been vital to ensuring the stability of the world’s financial system. This CMCBits review showcases the importance of having such a diverse asset portfolio as it caters to more users. In traditional trading systems, platforms required users to have access to brokering firms to even gain access to their daily trading accounts. Even then it was a harrowing experience as it involved waiting and time is quite literally money when markets are open.

Beginner toolset

A lot of trading platforms hesitate to provide services to beginners. Most of them almost always cater to professionals right away and ignore beginners. In this CMCBits review, the basic toolsets for beginners are highlighted. Tools such as asset management keys allow new traders to get a glimpse of what the market is actually like before getting into the real deal. The markets can be overwhelming for many new traders so having a system where traders can test out their abilities is a good add-on to an already remarkable trading platform.

Beginners don’t exactly have the confidence to take on the likes of professionals from the get-go but over time as they evolve and gain experience, things do get better, and eventually, before you know it you heading up against the biggest investors in the marketplace. That’s what happened to me when I started my beginner career on CMCBits. I would have been able to raise to prowess earlier but due to delays with previous trading platforms where I was testing them out, I had to take time and resources to find the right platform for me.

The not so bright picture

All this doesn’t correspond to CMCBits being perfect. It has its flaws and these flaws won’t be ignored in this CMCBits review. One flaw that stood out to me was the beginner accessibility tools. CMCBits has one of the best platforms for new traders whereas every other platform didn’t even have a beginner policy to choose from. However, CMCBits needs to expand its current beginner toolset so that more users can test their tools before they go over to the open market. Trading requires at least some experience before going to an open house where everything matters. From asset qualities to basics such as asset management tools need to be observed to come out on top.


CMCBits is in no way safe from flaws. It has room for improvements but that doesn’t take away its right to being the best platform that services all my needs. I am not saying that it’s perfect but given the other platforms I have used, I believe this is the right platform for any beginner looking to start their career in this field.

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