Claiming the Financial Side of Personal Injury

Personal Injury

It might happen to you. You stop your car at the traffic light when another motorist is driving behind you. Or you are at work and a colleague makes a mistake that causes you serious injury. As a result, you can become incapacitated for work, you can no longer perform household tasks and it is no longer possible to maintain your house and garden yourself. In other words, all kinds of limitations arise because of the injury. You may then need a personal injury lawyer, such as a personal injury lawyer in Utrecht (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Utrecht) if you live in the Netherlands.

The limitations resulting from the injury involve damage. For example, the result of the incapacity for work is loss of wages. Because you are no longer able to perform household tasks, you need help in the household, or the tasks are taken over by housemates. And to carry out maintenance on the house and garden, the help of an expert is needed.

Claiming personal injury

Claiming personal injury is not easy. You therefore need a specialist to help you. In the Netherlands you can hire a personal injury lawyer for free. Such as in the Netherlands, for example, a personal injury lawyer in The Hague (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Den Haag). But how is that possible, free legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer?

In the Netherlands, just like in Germany and Austria, the law states that in the event of an accident with injury you can call in the help of a personal injury lawyer or personal injury lawyer like Harrell and Harrell, P.A. for free. The only condition for the right to free legal aid is that someone else is liable for the injury you have sustained. For example, because someone else drove behind you because this person kept too little distance.

This statutory regulation in the Netherlands reads as follows:

“The reasonable costs for preventing or limiting damage that could be expected because of the event on which the liability is based, as well as the reasonable costs for determining damage and liability and the reasonable costs for obtaining satisfaction outside the scope of compensation, also qualify as financial loss.

In other words, the costs of preventing damage or limiting the amount thereof are eligible for compensation, but also the costs of obtaining compensation. These are the attorney’s fees. In this way, the help of a personal injury lawyer is free in the Netherlands.

Difference between system in the Netherlands and other countries

In most countries, a personal injury victim pays his or her personal injury lawyer or lawyer himself. Sometimes the system of no cure no pay is possible. This means that you only pay the costs of the lawyer or lawyer if you actually win the case and you receive compensation. If this is not possible, you will not pay the lawyer. The compensation is often high, usually you pay a large percentage of your compensation as the fee of the personal injury lawyer.

In the Netherlands this is very different. The big advantage is that as a personal injury lawyer you really receive full compensation and not, as with the no cure no pay system, you transfer part of the compensation to the lawyer who helps you with your personal injury claim.

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