Catering to the Needs to Curb Cybercrime Prevalence

Cybercrime has become a global phenomenon and the worst hit is the entertainment industry and we often have no clue about how to deal with it. Cybercrime industry generated $1.5 Trillion Economy in 2018 and this only empowers these individuals and companies to increase their influence. 

We actively see the leaking of private data online and individuals are at the helm of destroying themselves when they become a victim. The dilemma is the unreported cases that keep feeding the individuals who are carrying out these cybercrime attacks. 

When we think of online leakage of data, we tend to consider some trustworthy individual deceiving his acquaintances and resorting to cyber violence. It mostly includes leaking of private photos and videos to the masses. But, the scope of cybercrime is much broader than this. 

Businesses and even Governments are often the victims of Cybercrime. The hackers are always trying to penetrate in the cyberspace of any institution to get access to their databases. Individuals without realizing open unwanted links that contain malicious code give away their sensitive data and passwords. 

During these times where businesses are really falling apart, they look to go online and make new ways for earning customers. Business owners are in dire need of cash and many online payday loans companies have stopped lending during COVID-19, there are some serious concerns. But, taking your business or operations online needs to be safe and secure. 

You need to have antivirus programs installed to detect these harmful and malicious websites. They will prevent your device from getting hacked. A password manager will prevent your password from getting forgotten or stolen and you can always rely on professional services to deliver the best safety measures. 

The governments around the world are also deeply concerned about the Cybercrime Acts. European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a prime example to demonstrate the seriousness and concerns regarding this. Companies are made accountable to make their data even more secure and prevent its theft. 

The data of users is not public property and it should not be treated like that. Governments have effective measures in place to criminalize the acts of Violence on the Internet. Social Media Platforms are also held accountable for the content circulation and fake news websites are effectively targeted.

The problem arises due to unreported cases. The societal concerns prevent individuals to speak against the violence incurred to them.  But recently, there have been some great initiatives taken by individuals and activists around the world. Metoo movement has been quite effective in raising awareness levels of the masses. 

The women from around the world have raised voices against their former oppressors and try to communicate to the world that radical measures are still required to be taken. The obstruction still remains to this is the societal concerns and how effectively the blackmailer is able to maneuver the Emotional Quotient of the victim. 

The laws are intact, the responsibility lies upon us to continue to support the victims and raise awareness among the masses. The types of violence are to be identified regularly and make people beware of them to prevent further damage. Have proper safety measures in place and get the element of fear removed, the results would soon be very much motivating. 

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.