Containing the Coronavirus: Chinese Lessons

By Dan Steinbock Despite containment in China, international response against the coronavirus has been lagging. So, what can be learned from the Chinese experience?   As the...

China’s Post-COVID-19 Recovery Path

By Allison Malmsten While in early January, the west could look into China to see what they were about to deal with, now is the...

The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Global Economy

By Kalim Siddiqui Introduction The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered the sharpest and deepest contraction of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the history of capitalism as globalisation...

How did Chinese Enterprises Handle the Impact of COVID-19?

By Allison Malmsten While China is now in the suppression stage of the COVID-19 outbreak, many other countries are currently bearing the worst of it. Enterprises...

Head for the Summit in Colombia: Peak Investment Potential at CIS 2020

If you were looking for a country to exemplify evolution, adaptation to a changing environment, you would do well to consider Colombia. Just one...

Where’s the Risk? Global Intelligence for Business Decision-Making

Interview with Alexander Sehmer, Falanx Assynt's Director for Geopolitical Intelligence With the complexities of today’s international political scene, keeping abreast of developments and understanding their...

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