2019 Scorecard: The Trump Effect on Future International Business Disputes

By Charles H. Camp and Kiran Nasir Gore President Trump is now three-fourths through his initial term as U.S. President. Between the U.S. House of...
trickle-down economics

Is this the end of trickle-down economics?

By Graham Vanbergen The global pandemic has changed everything, highlighting the failures of economic policy that has dominated the Western world for the last 50...

The Intricate Business of Business Dealings Worldwide

You could almost bank on the fact that every day ground-breaking business deals are taking place across the globe. From small transactions to global...
Global Hospitality

Global Hospitality Cautious Optimism

By Peter Plaut COVID-19 Dismantled the Global Hospitality Industry on Many Levels In recent years, global tourism has fuelled exponential growth in the hospitality sector, but...

The Long Reach of U.S. Sanctions in Contested Energy Projects

By Leigh Hansson, Brett Hillis, Alexander Brandt, Noah Jaffe, and Eli Rymland-Kelly In light of recent U.S. sanctions bills which targeted gas pipelines in the Baltic...
Residency by Investment

Residency by Investment: Your Insurance for a Brighter Future

The Rise of Residency by Investment in the New World  So, you may be wondering what your next investment should be? Ever thought about investing...

China’s Pioneering Effort to Contain Virus Outbreak Economic and Human Costs of the New...

By Dan Steinbock Chinese government has used strong measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. The human costs and economic impact...
Vietnam Case Study

Differing Cultural Perceptions of High School Employment: A Vietnam Case Study

By David Nguyen In the United States, high school employment remains a significant source of work experience and income for secondary school students. However, high...

Containing the Coronavirus: Chinese Lessons

By Dan Steinbock Despite containment in China, international response against the coronavirus has been lagging. So, what can be learned from the Chinese experience?   As the...

China’s Post-COVID-19 Recovery Path

By Allison Malmsten While in early January, the west could look into China to see what they were about to deal with, now is the...

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