The Return of the Feudal World?

By John Hulsman and Boris Liedtke In today’s post-industrial economy, it is evident that world politics is under radical restructuring. More precisely, as the authors...

Why Transfer Pricing is Key to Decision Making and Strategic Reviews

By Les Secular This article looks at how Transfer Pricing can impact the bottom line on financial statements, particularly in the current global economic climate,...

Leadership as the Search for Greater Coherence

By Nathan Harter Literature around leadership is not hard to come by, but there are few texts that examine the process of leadership from where...

North Rhine-Westphalia: First choice for foreign investors in Germany

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany's economically strongest federal state, has proven to be a particularly attractive investment location for foreign companies in Germany and Europe for...

Synergising Western and Eastern Approaches: Facilitating Economic Development in Africa

By Snowy Khoza For decades the two global centres of power, the West (led by Europe and the Americas) and the East (led by China)...

How Will China Rebalance?

By Michael Pettis China urgently needs to rebalance its economy, but how it chooses to do so should not be constrained by undue focus on...

China’s New Global Role: President Xi in Washington and the UN

By Dan Steinbock The recent Washington summit took the US-China bilateral relations onto a new level, while President Xi’s UN visit gave a glimpse...

An Unsettling New Normal for India-Pakistan Relations

By Michael Kugelman and Vandana Seth In the coming months, all-out war between the two nuclear-armed rivals is unlikely. However, prolonged tensions are ensured while...

Smaller Cities Embrace Smart Specialisation – The Exeter Success Story

By Richard Ball Governments have recognised that cities are engines of growth critical to economic performance and national recovery in the current climate. The large...

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