Will China Inevitably Develop Powerful Global Brands? Three Possible Scenarios

By Howard Yu Given China's rapid economic development, what sort of global impact will Chinese brands have? This article identifies three scenarios, depending mainly on...

China Looks West: What Is at Stake in Beijing’s “New Silk Road” Project

Flynt Leverett, Hillary Mann Leverett and Wu Bingbing Not even two years into what will almost certainly be a ten-year tenure as China’s president, Xi...

Ukraine Crisis: What it Means for the West

By Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson discusses his latest book: Ukraine Crisis: What it means for the West. He contends that the book is actually about...

A Past of Brilliance and 21st Century Hopes: Should You Invest in Russia?

By Walter C. Clemens, Jr. The decline in Russia’s cultural creativity under post-Communist as well as Soviet rule belongs to a larger syndrome that emits...

The Return of the Feudal World?

By John Hulsman and Boris Liedtke In today’s post-industrial economy, it is evident that world politics is under radical restructuring. More precisely, as the authors...

Doing Business is Easy at The Ritz-Carl

Being one of the top places to do business in Moscow, The Ritz-Carlton hotel has a number of services and facilities that are specially...

Neoliberal Globalization, Masculinity and Gender Justice

By Raewyn Connell A relatively new field of social research has documented the diversity of masculinities in the world. Globalization is not a separate issue...

China’s New Global Role: President Xi in Washington and the UN

By Dan Steinbock The recent Washington summit took the US-China bilateral relations onto a new level, while President Xi’s UN visit gave a glimpse...

Calgary, Canada: A Global Energy and Financial Centre

By Paul Paynter & Rachel Yin, Calgary Economic Development Alberta’s energy sector is a key economic driver and has been for decades. The rich resources...

African Lions in the Making

By Nicolas Depetris Chauvin Growth without structural transformation has proved to be unsustainable. Africa needs to diversify their economies if they want to become authentic...

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