China and Europe: Reconnecting Across a New Silk Road

by Xiangming Chen and Julia Mardeusz Since 2013, economic and trade relations between China and Europe have grown significantly. In this article, the authors look...

Singapore as an ASEAN Asset Management Hub

By Francis Koh and Boris Liedtke Singapore like other ASEAN countries is also confronted with the universal challenge of retirement funding. Nonetheless, the authors argue...

Reshaping Tomorrow: What will India look like in 2025?

By Ejaz Ghani What will India and the rest of South Asia look like in 2025? The optimistic view is that India will achieve double-digit...

Why Transfer Pricing is Key to Decision Making and Strategic Reviews

By Les Secular This article looks at how Transfer Pricing can impact the bottom line on financial statements, particularly in the current global economic climate,...

Genetic Technology in the Global Economic Environment

By Richard C. Jennings Below, Richard C. Jennings looks at the use of modern genetic technologies of plant breeding for increasing agricultural productivity. The author...

Neoliberal Globalization, Masculinity and Gender Justice

By Raewyn Connell A relatively new field of social research has documented the diversity of masculinities in the world. Globalization is not a separate issue...

What it Takes for Chinese Companies to Succeed Abroad

By David De Cremer International expansion is one of the keys to a firm’s success and stability. In this article, the author outlines how Chinese...

How Will China Rebalance?

By Michael Pettis China urgently needs to rebalance its economy, but how it chooses to do so should not be constrained by undue focus on...

Open Heartbleed Surgery – Securing Against Further Vulnerabilities

By David SandinDavid Sandin, product manager at Clavister looks at the implications of the Heartbleed bug and the use of open-source code libraries in...

Ukraine Crisis: What it Means for the West

By Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson discusses his latest book: Ukraine Crisis: What it means for the West. He contends that the book is actually about...

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