education innovation

Adapting Education Innovations And Their ‘Knock-On Effects’ In The Time Of COVID 

By Brady Olsen In biology, adaptation is the process by which organisms fit themselves to a changing environment (think Darwin). In global development, it can...

Sustainability: The Leadership Challenge

By Mike Peirce How do you solve a problem like climate change? There is no easy answer, and while business leaders are increasingly recognising the...

Can the West Get Out of Its (Self-Made) Cul-de-Sac?

By Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett In recent years, the limits on America’s ability to shape important outcomes in the Middle East unilaterally—or even...

The Dirty War on Syria: No Popular Uprising

By Tim Anderson The world has been deceived over the conflict in Syria. It was always a ‘regime change’ dirty war and never a popular...

Diversity, Leadership & Sustainable Growth

Interview with Jan Sturesson Jan Sturesson is a partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) as well as a member of the World Economic Forum and...

The Rise of the Chinese Economy and Growing Concerns in the United States

By Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction The article discusses recent global economic changes and will largely focus on two of the worlds’ largest economies, namely China and...

50+ Shades of World Debt

Imagine if one day your debt piled so high you owed more than three times your income.  For an individual, it’s a nightmare scenario. Unimaginable....
Energy Security

Energy Security, Transition Risks and No Regrets: The Long-Term Strategies of the Oil Majors

By Mathieu Blondeel and Mike Bradshaw Despite the current high price of oil and gas and concerns about energy security, the long-term future of the...

It’s the brand, stupid: Why Donald Trump has a critical advantage in the upcoming...

By Glyn Atwal and Maya Kaiser Campaign activists are gearing up for one of the most aggressive and unpredictable election campaigns in modern US history....

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