Food Prices: Should Emerging Market Economies Be Concerned?

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The Case for Africa – The Real Estate Angle – Knowledge is King

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From State of Exception to Anti-Coup Dictatorship in Erdoğan’s Turkey  

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Solving the Asset–Shortage Problem of Emerging Markets

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A Time for European Diplomacy to Come of Age: Responding to the Refugee Crisis

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Oil For Food: Big Business in The Middle East

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Winning the Talent War in Emerging Markets: Women are the Answer

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How Rapidly Should Africa Go Green? The Tension Between Natural Abundance And Economic Scarcity.

By Paul Collier & Anthony J. Venables Africa is the green continent: its CO2 emissions per person are less than one tonne pa, one-fifteenth of...

Emerging Markets are Re-Shaping the Global Economy, But Also Shaking It

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