Managing Human and Intellectual Capital for Sustaining African Organisations

By Hamid H. Kazeroony, Yvonne du Plessis, Bill Buenar Puplampu In this article, the authors examine the needs of African organisations for human and intellectual...

Neoliberal Globalization, Masculinity and Gender Justice

By Raewyn Connell A relatively new field of social research has documented the diversity of masculinities in the world. Globalization is not a separate issue...

The Domestic and the Foreign: Mutual Entanglement Through Social Diversity

By Christopher Hill Foreign and domestic policies have always interacted. But now, especially in developed democracies, they are mutually entangled in new ways, through the...

Developing Change Competence for the African Environment

By Franca Ovadje Leading change in Africa is fraught with a number of difficulties. To be successful in this context a deep understanding of the...

China in Africa: Think again

By Deborah Bräutigam You think you know what China is doing in Africa. You’ve seen the headlines: the Chinese arrived in Africa a few years...

Can the West Get Out of Its (Self-Made) Cul-de-Sac?

By Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett In recent years, the limits on America’s ability to shape important outcomes in the Middle East unilaterally—or even...

Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Middle East

By Dima Jamali Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Middle East has distinctive roots and unique expressions that do not always mirror the current understanding...

The Economy of Dubai

By Raimundo Soto The success of Dubai in using resource rents for economic development and higher welfare, nevertheless, does not rule out the fact that...

Preparing Rice Farmers for Climate Change: Dissemination of Submergence Tolerant Rice in India

By Takashi Yamano, Maria Luz Malabayabas & Manzoor H. Dar Due to climate change, the frequency of floods and droughts is expected to increase. To...

Dubai Investments Park: Setting New Benchmarks in Sustainability

Dubai Investments Park DIP, the largest integrated commercial, industrial and residential community in the Middle East


Gender Pay Gap

Is the Gender Pay Gap Real?