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GLOBAL TRENDS: Facing Up to a Changing World

By Adrian Done How much time do you dedicate to thinking about the REALLY BIG issues that are likely to affect your personal and professional...

America’s Never-Ending War in the Middle East

By Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett While President Obama continues – at least for now – to resist redeploying large numbers of U.S. soldiers...

The New Scramble for Africa

By Pádraig Carmody Something has certainly changed in the intervening years in Africa, and in its relations with the outside world, even if excessive pessimism...

Luxury Brands Need to Chart a Course into New Frontier Markets

By Glyn Atwal and Douglas Bryson The progressively unpredictable dynamics of the BRIC markets are now challenging luxury brands to rethink their global market strategies....

Refugees and Refugee Crises: Some Historical Reflections

By Peter Gatrell The current Syrian refugee crisis provides an opportunity to look beyond the headlines and to locate it in a broader historical context....

How the Rand Exchange Rate Volatility Affects the South African Economy?

By Matthew Kofi Ocran While the South African rand has historically been characterised with high volatilities, the recent levels of gyrations of the currency, particularly...

Saudi Arabia’s Yemen Offensive, Iran’s “Proxy” Strategy, and the Middle East’s New “Cold War”

By Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett Riyadh’s war in Yemen marks a dramatic escalation in its efforts to roll back Iran’s rising influence in the Middle East. Saudi...

Writing Theory from the South: The Global Order from an African Perspective

By Jean Comaroff & John L. Comaroff Western thought has, from the first, regarded the non-West as a place of antiquarian traditions and unprocessed data....

Lions Go Global

By Susan Lund And James Manyika Imagine a room containing the US President and Vice President and former President Bill Clinton, nearly 40 African heads...

Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth: Diversity and Complementarity in Development Aid

By Izumi Ohno & Kenichi Ohno The West and the East approach economic development differently. The Europeans and Americans stress free and fair business climate,...

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