Dirty Money

How London Became the Capital of Dirty Money and What We Can Do to...

By Zhenglin (Alex) Li As one of the leading financial centres of the world, London should be a shining example of propriety. However, the reality...
The Factor of Ukraine

Challenges for the Next Stage of Globalisation: The Factor of Ukraine

By Vasyl Yurchyshyn We argue that the fight of Ukraine for independence against Russian aggression is the principal event of the modern stage of globalisation. Ukraine...
Renewable Energies in Germany

Renewable Energies in Germany

By Josephen Pomaah, Anton Burmester, Giuseppe Petaroscia, and Michael Palocz-Andresen Europe is facing a global energy crisis. Many countries, Germany in particular, have become increasingly...
High Interest Rates in the UK

High Interest Rates in the UK Contribute to Popularity of Pension Annuities

Soaring interest rates in the UK have led to a drive in annuity sales as savers rush to secure a higher retirement income. Figures from...
Western firms still doing business in Russia finance the war – here’s how to recoup the huge cost to taxpayers

Western Firms Still Doing Business in Russia Finance the War – Here’s How to...

By Renaud Foucart In Russia this summer, you can still enjoy a Cornetto, but you can forget about eating a Tunnock’s tea cake or a Big Mac. This is because...
foreign investor

Foreign Investment Control in France – A Practical Guide for Investors

By Olivia Lê Horovitz 1. What is the control of foreign investments in France? Foreign investment control is a system of prior authorization of certain...

Data Research Reveals the Most Tech-Forward Regions in the UK

Many businesses are currently concerned with the slower rate of economic growth, traditionally slow levels of growth come with recession rumours and sometimes a...
climate policy

The Climate Policy of the EU

By Davis Weidemann and Michael Palocz-Andresen Political decisions and strategies are at the core of combatting the climate crisis. While there has been some progress...
investment protection

Intra-EU Investment Protections – Where to Look for Protection

In the last sixty years numerous states have entered into investment agreements containing investor state dispute settlement provisions and investor state dispute settlements became...

Tensions Over Trade in the Transatlantic Alliance

By Emil Bjerg, journalist and editor The relationship between two global giants, the EU and the US, was expected to get a healthy reset after...

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