Blame Austerity – Not Immigration – For Taking Britain To ‘Breaking Point’

By David Spencer Immigration is at the heart of the Brexit debate and is quite polarised. On one side, the Remain campaign either ducks the...

It’s Time for UK Businesses to Sell Big, Sell Global and Stay Relevant

By Ben Laker and Claire Edmunds Selling is becoming harder than ever write Ben Laker and Claire Edmunds, CEO & Founder of Clarify, a specialist...

The UK Bribery Act and Beyond – Preparing for Change

By Michael W. Johnson This article will detail the most important elements of the law, highlighting the restrictions that are broader than previous anti-corruption laws,...

Britain votes to leave the EU, here’s what happens next

By Gavin Barrett The UK would be the first state to leave the EU but it is most likely that the European Commission, the executive...

The European Divorce: How will Brexit Affect People on Both Sides?

The Brexit is one of the most highly contested political events of our time. It is fraught with difficulty, confusion, and uncertainty. When Britons...

The Demise of Global Britain

By Graham Vanbergen The almost universal collapse of British foreign policy could not have been timed any more accurately than right now – a time...

The Looming UK Brexit Mess

By Dan Steinbock After the misguided referendum three years ago, the Brexit end-game is about to begin. In the UK, it means political division and...

Soft, Hard, or no Brexit: The Damage is Done

By Niccolò Pisani and Omar Toulan Regardless of the final Brexit outcome, the damage to the UK has been done. In this paper, we look at five...

AIMing for Success: The Strengths of the UK’s Junior Market

By Sam Pearse and Ashmi Bhagani Designed primarily for the equity securities of small and medium-sized growth companies that either cannot, or do not want...

What does a “No-Deal Brexit” mean for the Legal Services Sector?

By Zulon Begum and Harriet Riddick On 16 October, after many months of negotiations and a deadlock over key issues, Boris Johnson urged the UK...

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