The RSS, ‘Hindutva’ and Rising Attacks against Muslims in India

By Kalim Siddiqui   I. Introduction The article will discuss the recent attacks against Muslims in Delhi and try to examine the ‘Hindutva’ (defined as extreme Hindu...

Emerging Markets are Re-Shaping the Global Economy, But Also Shaking It

By George Magnus From global tourism to manufactured products, and from industrial processes to modern technologies order, the re-convergence of emerging markets and their economic...

Is the Reversal of the Moratorium on GM Crops Good for India?

By A. Narayanamoorthy and P. Alli The Indian government and policymakers are debating whether or not to reverse its current moratorium on GM crops. Here,...

Neoliberal Globalization, Masculinity and Gender Justice

By Raewyn Connell A relatively new field of social research has documented the diversity of masculinities in the world. Globalization is not a separate issue...

Demonetisation: A Few Disturbing Questions

By Pratip Kumar Datta and Saumya Chakrabarti In this article, the authors discuss the recent demonitisation policy introduced by the Indian government in November...

Reshaping Tomorrow: What will India look like in 2025?

By Ejaz Ghani What will India and the rest of South Asia look like in 2025? The optimistic view is that India will achieve double-digit...

Mysteries on India’s Agricultural Credit Supply

By Dr. A. Narayanamoorthy and Dr. P. Alli  Following the announcement of comprehensive credit policy of 2004, an impression is often gained from the official statements...

Internationalising Media Studies

By Daya Thussu For hundreds of years the West has dominated the world of Media Studies, but Daya Thussu is about to prove to us...

Understanding India as a Rising Power: An Open Economy and Interdependence* Framework

By Aseema Sinha India’s global priorities have changed and it seeks power and status and acts more actively at regional and global levels. This article...

The Political Economy of Famines during the British Rule in India: A Critical Analysis

By Kalim Siddiqui 1. Introduction The late nineteenth century was celebrated in the West as the golden period of global capitalism; while few will defend empire...



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