Teacher and students in India

Challenges in the Indian Educational System

By Professor M.S. Rao, Ph.D. This research paper highlights the revolutionary and sweeping changes that are to be brought into our present educational system. It...
Open Bible on a wooden board near the river.

Faith, Environment, and Finance: The Overlooked Nexus?

By Anisa Indah Pratiwi and Greget Kalla Buana Can religion make us better custodians of the environment? Can we dial back on environmental degradation by...
pexels-aleksandar-pasaric-1510595 (1)

Revisiting the Japan’s Economic Stagnation

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui Japan, once the quintessential global economic success story, experienced a dramatic slowdown in growth in the last years of the 20th...
Indonesia’s Islamic Carbon Market

Assessing the Potential of Indonesia’s Islamic Carbon Market

By Bazari Azhar Azizi Although Indonesia ratified the Kyoto Protocol in 1998, a carbon trading market has been established recently in the country. Bazari Azhar...
Japan's economy

Crafting a New Narrative for Japan’s Economy

The Japanese economy has faced some serious challenges in recent years: stagnation, heavy reliance on exports, an aging population, persistent budget deficit, etc. Reflecting...
sourcing-metal-vietnam (1)

Metal Sourcing in Vietnam: Opportunities and Financial Challenges

Vietnam is a rising star in the global metal market, with a vibrant and diverse metal industry that offers a range of products and...

Financial Inclusion in India: Social Enterprises as the Unlikely Heroes

By D. Anisha Adhikari and Siddhant Mishra Financial inclusion in India has been the area of focus for the government and social enterprises for some...
2023 in Review

2023 in Review

By Emil Bjerg, journalist and editor  With 2023 coming to an end, we review the most impactful events in a year that’ll be remembered particularly...

K-Pop: South Korea’s Soft Power is Big Business

By Emil Bjerg, journalist and editor of The World Financial Review The global influx of K-pop symbolizes South Korea’s new-found prosperity. But the exponential growth...

Race and Caste: Worlds Apart But Closer Than You Think

3By Rajesh Sampath Combining historical knowledge and awareness of the present situation in America and India, one can deduce that racial and caste-based discrimination are...

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