India Celebration

India Turns 75: Fast Facts About the Unusual Constitution Guiding the World’s Most Populous...

By Deepa Das Acevedo India will celebrate its 75th birthday on Aug. 15, 2022. Its independence from British colonial rule followed a complex process, including Partition: the...

Investing in Indian real estate in 2021 could be the start of years of...

Suchit Punnose, Founder and CEO of Red Ribbon Asset Management on why 2021 is a good year to invest in Indian real estate. By...

‘Squid Game’ Highlights Plight of South Korean Workers Sacrificed for Nation’s Economic Gain

By Greg Sharzer & Sudol Kang Critics have noted that Squid Game is a critique of capitalism and inequality. Creator Hwang Dong-Hyuk has said it’s about how people go deeply into...

Entrepreneurship in China

By Yasheng Huang By most accounts, China is one of the most entrepreneurial countries on earth. According to the widely cited Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM),...
Japan's Digital Transformation

Japan’s Digital Transformation and the Digital Safety of the General Public

By Naohiro Yashiro Digital transformation in Japan is necessary in order to achieve sustainable economic growth in a situation of labour force shortages. Regulatory reform...

Burma/Myanmar – Towards Peace? Elections, Civil War, and Inter-Faith Conflicts

By Mikael Gravers In August 2015, the government of President U Thein Sein signed a nationwide ceasefire agreement with 8 ethnic armed organisations. However, serious...

The Philippines “BRIC” Plan: From Regime Change Ploys to Accelerated Economic Development

By Dan Steinbock While the Obama White House prepared plans for regime change in the Philippines, President Trump is working on an assertive strategy in...
sport tourism in Indonesia

Sport Tourism: Can it Aid Indonesian Economy to Escalate in 2021?

By Tegar Rismanuar Nuryitmawan and Mohammad Zeqi Yasin The pandemic of Covid-19 has indeed decayed tourism sectors’ performance. However, in the new normal era, the...
abstract background of futuristic technology Cryptocurrency bitcoin melting down in fire and smoke

How Might Digital Currencies Like Bitcoin Help Bhutan’s Total Gross Satisfaction?

The rise of digital currency like bitcoin provides new opportunities to improve the economy and lift gross national happiness in Bhutan. For example, bitcoin...

Decrypting The Aspiring Indian Low-Income Consumer

By Glyn Atwal, Douglas Bryson and Ambi Parameswaran In this article, Glyn Atwal, Douglas Bryson and Ambi Parameswaran highlight the common misconceptions held by companies...

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