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Jam Today

“Jam Today” – Staged Delivery of Disruptive Digital Propositions for Impatient CEOs

By Katrin Herrling and Jonathan Holman The benefits of digital transformation are clear, but too many eight-figure investments fail to deliver on their promises of...
Technological Challenges Facing Banks in the Digital Age

Technological Challenges Facing Banks in the Digital Age

The banking industry has witnessed several changes thanks to advancing technologies. With customers increasingly demanding convenient banking services and better security, banks in Colonial...
Navigating GMP Compliance in Japan's Pharma Sector

Navigating GMP Compliance in Japan’s Pharma Sector

Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) represents a vital concern for any player in the global pharmaceutical industry. Its value becomes particularly noticeable when...
Generative AI

Crafting Policies to Address Generative AI

This year's news has been saturated with reports about AI innovations of the "generative" type. These tools are able to generate code, text, pictures,...
investment protection

Intra-EU Investment Protections – Where to Look for Protection

In the last sixty years numerous states have entered into investment agreements containing investor state dispute settlement provisions and investor state dispute settlements became...
Financial Regulation

Striking Off and Striding Forward – Amendments to the BVI Business Companies Act 2004

By George Weston and Rachel Graham At the start of 2023, various changes to BVI company law took effect. Taken together, the changes represent the...

Beat the Broken System: Leverage Data to Know Your Stock Options Market Value

Most people dream of joining an early-stage startup to get a chance of earning a slice of the company’s ownership. The reality? The stock...

APP Fraud – A Bank’s Burden?

By Gerard Heyes and Victoria Atkins Preventing APP fraud is at the top of the agenda for public and private bodies in the UK, hence...
Money Laundering

Money Laundering: A Gamble Not Worth Taking

By Niall Hearty, Rahman Ravelli Partner  Gambling and risk go hand in hand. Yet the gambling giant 888 has paid a heavy price for its...
Corruption Scandal

American Investors Embroiled in Ukrainian Corruption Scandal

By Duggan Flanakin Corruption keeps flourishing in Ukraine despite the war, as demonstrated by recurring publications in the Ukrainian and foreign media. It engulfs not...

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